Guilty Gear X2 #Reload Xbox


Generally favorable reviews - based on 34 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 32 out of 34
  2. Negative: 0 out of 34
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  1. A 2D fighting game fan's dream come true. It's got all the flash and pizzazz of "Marvel vs. Capcom," the finely tuned balance of "Street Fighter," numerous unprecedented gameplay enhancements that push what we expect from the genre and some of the best hand-drawn graphics to ever grace a videogame.
  2. With dazzling 2D graphics that are rife with detail and a heavy metal soundtrack that will undoubtedly incite you to throw up the metal horns, it's hard to not like Guilty Gear X2 #Reload.
  3. Proving that style and substance is always better than flashy graphics, then going ahead and adding the flashy graphics just to add insult to injury, Arc System Works has created one of the best fighting game you can get on your Xbox to date.
  4. 93
    The visuals of this series have always broken new ground, or at least completely dropped the jaws of all who viewed them, and this game is no exception. The high-res visuals are a feast for the eyes, and the animation intricacies really show off how much care has gone into them.
  5. This game is so good that it is easily one of the best values you can find on the Xbox!
  6. A wild cast of characters, great gameplay mechanics involving dashing, blocking, three meters, and unique weapons, and incredibly smooth animation tying it all together – what's not to like?
  7. #Reload, plain and simple, has it all. About the only thing I can say against it is that it's a bit laggy on Live.
  8. We love this game for all the reasons a lot of people will hate it: the wacky characters, the 'holy grail' nature of the combat system to be mastered by only the very best players, of which we admit we are not worthy (yet).
  9. Play Magazine
    If you're unfamiliar with Guilty Gear, then be prepared to get blown away - and possibly overwhelmed - by the incredible depth of this underrated fighting franchise. [Aug 2004, p.50]
  10. Xbox Nation Magazine
    And then there's Xbox Live play, which functions shockingly well under any circumstances. The game has singlehandedly shown the console world online fighting games need not be plageud with lag of the likes seen in "Capcom vs. SNK 2: EO." [Sept 2004, p.96]
  11. AceGamez
    What they've come up with in terms of gameplay is such immense fun that, when combined with the superlative visuals and rocking sounds, you can't help but shake your head and wonder where Guilty Gear X2 # Reload came from. It's like a bolt out of the blue!
  12. This is a perfect example of a fighting game that was done right. The only thing that was really lacking in the game was more depth in the offline modes.
  13. With all the things that "GGXX" had that made it such a great game to play, Guilty Gear X2 #Reload somehow expands that amount of game play even more.
  14. 90
    High-def heads will benefit from the 480p progressive scan support. The rest of you will just have to keep squinting and hating people who own nice TVs.
  15. The combat system is innovative and one of a kind. One might even make the claim that it is flawless. The value of this game is incredible.
  16. This is a gorgeously drawn game, with extremely fluid animation and crisp, high-res artwork that looks even better on a high definition TV. Special moves have awesome, flashy effects and all the fighting arenas are nicely animated. It's so spectacular, it looks like a high production anime!
  17. 89
    GGX2, while not an original title for Xbox, offers a solid framerate (even online), lush visuals, and an incredible amount of gameplay depth.
  18. Official Xbox Magazine
    With a cast more than 20 strong, and move sets that are as well-balanced and diverse as they are visually incomprehensible, #Reload's gameplay parallels its absurd-but-charming title in terms of completeness and gameplay sophistication. [Oct 2004, p.62]
  19. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Don't overlook this title just because it's 2D; the graphics here are detailed and ingeniously designed - the current pinnacle of pixelated art and animation. Behind the pretty facade is a fighting system as deep as any classic of the genre. [Oct 2004, p.110]
  20. For twenty bucks you get a deep and challenging fighter with fantastic high-resolution graphics, 26 characters, and 9 gameplay modes including solid Xbox Live play that supports Voice Chat, Friends, and weekly ranking scoreboards. This is easily one of the best game deals on any console, period.
  21. What the hardcore fighter genre is all about, and at a nifty price. Fix the lag online, and you have my sleeper hit of the season.
  22. At $20US Guilty Gear X2 #Reload is a steal for those that are passionate about their fighting games. Snatch it up!
  23. 85
    The single player portion of Guilty Gear literally rocks. The graphics and presentation are top notch, despite a few lacklustre menus, and the sound fits the game like a glove. The lack of VS options is what really hurts this title and really affect the longevity.
  24. One of the most highly evolved 2D fighting games yet--and not just from a gameplay standpoint, since Guilty Gear X2 #Reload is also among the first online-enabled home fighting games.
  25. Quirky doesn't even begin to describe this game. Maybe if you add "deeply disturbing" and "inexplicably compelling," then you'd have a start. [Sept 2004, p.115]
  26. netjak
    #Reload doesn't bring anything new to the table from the other GGX2 releases. It is simply a slightly more detailed version of a fighter that's starting to show some of its age.
  27. GMR Magazine
    It's not exactly cutting edge. What it is, though, is incredibly sold fun. [Oct 2004, p.110]
  28. 80
    Stunning use of sprites on both the fighters and the backgrounds. Excellent character design combined with some visually appealing backgrounds make GGX2:Reload one of the best looking 2D games ever.
  29. 80
    The 2D-animation cel-like graphics are simply gorgeous and animate smoothly. [Oct 2004, p.80]
  30. 80
    The visuals in Guilty Gear X2 are Disney quality, and the game's speed offline never wavers or chokes on the action. The backdrops for fighting have that old school, colorful quality, and it's clear that this game came out long after the "SFII" craze.
  31. I wasn't blown away by the graphics in Guilty Gear X2: #Reload. It's a bunch of anime characters beating the snot out of one another, but hey it looks a lot better than Dragonball Z so at least its got that going for it.
  32. 76
    Although some aspects may not shock you in amazement, there is a lot of fun to be had here.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 12 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  1. CoffinSandman
    Oct 15, 2007
    While I only have the Japanese PSP version, I see no reason to doubt that this is just as good. Smooth, precise controls, addicting gameplay, While I only have the Japanese PSP version, I see no reason to doubt that this is just as good. Smooth, precise controls, addicting gameplay, great PSP graphix, and an awsome cast of characters. Forget Street Fighter, buy this now! Full Review »
  2. BlueFalcon
    Nov 6, 2004
    I'm a huge fighting game fan, and it's nice to see a title with something unique. It's 2d, but plays a little different than I'm a huge fighting game fan, and it's nice to see a title with something unique. It's 2d, but plays a little different than many other 2d fighters. But personally, I find the ultra Japanese style (read weird) a bit unappealing at times. If you don't mind androgenous men and ultra cutesy girl fighters, then add 1 point to this score. Full Review »
  3. GuiltyGearFan
    Aug 13, 2004
    One of the best 2D fighting games, awesome soundtrack, was great on PS2 but its back with a new character and XBOX live support.