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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 11 out of 26
  2. Negative: 0 out of 26
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  1. A much better title than its original, and even though we got through it, we have already begun our second round to build up our characters and unlock all the goodies the game has to offer.
  2. A great mix of what gamers loved about the original and some welcomed upgrades that don’t detract from the experience.
  3. While the game is great as a single player experience, this one was meant to be played with a group of friends who enjoy a marathon of good old-fashioned slaughter.
  4. A pretty slick twitch game overall. Multiplayer is fun, slaughtering demons is a great way to unwind from a rough day at the office, and the atmosphere and effects are well done.
  5. If you missed the original "Hunter: The Reckoning" because you just purchased your Xbox, then you have a chance to see what made the original so good. The only thing that really for me takes some of the replayability off this game is a lack of online gameplay.
  6. 82
    It's an upgrade over the original, but I'm not sure if it's enough of a boost to justify another purchase if you're not a true diehard fan of Hunter the Reckoning. The game does what it set out to do; it just wasn't trying to do too much more than the original.
  7. Game Informer
    A simplistic isometric hack n' slash game that plays like a blood soaked version of "Gauntlet." By no means a revolutionary game, just one that knows what players want. [Nov 2003, p.168]
  8. This isn't a game for one person stuck in their basement with a busted water pipe. This is pure four-player action baby!
  9. The procedure for awarding continues is definitely far too liberal and though the combo system has been greatly improved, the controls still need to be simplified to make them more practical.
  10. 80
    It's certainly not revolutionary, but it's a simple, fun and very likeable game. It's perfect for dorm rooms or back-from-the-pub entertainment, as the controls don't take long to grasp and the gameplay isn't exactly rocket science.
  11. Play Magazine
    The beauty is in the execution. They've elevated the experience with better production values and a more integrated story, a seemingly simple tweak that goes a long way in a genre plagued by repetition. [Oct 2003, p.69]
  12. Official Xbox Magazine
    It never does anything exceedingly well, nor does it do anything poorly...Though solid in many aspects, [it's] ultimately underwhelming. [Nov 2003, p.120]
  13. Redeemer’s gameplay comes across as completely stale, which is a pity because this is most likely the last console game in the World of Darkness (White Wolf is stopping the series next year).
  14. GMR Magazine
    Xbox Live support is limited to downloadable content, not the needed multiplayer action, but it's great fun while it lasts. [Nov 2003, p.74]
  15. Fans of four-player cooperative gaming, in the style of Gauntlet, will have fun with Redeemer, but it's still a pretty short game and is quite easy to blast through.
  16. A second helping of same-same for those who truly grooved on the first installment – which is available as a $29 Platinum Hit bargain-title.
  17. 70
    Slick, detailed visuals are marred by inane camera work, and while the creature, explosion, and limb-whacking sound effects are all boffo, developer High Voltage should have jettisoned the dance beats and synthetic guitar strains for something more along the lines of Slayer.
  18. If you've never played the first one, Redeemer is an entertaining, but repetitive, beat-em up action game with lots of style. But if you've played Hunter already, you'll be wishing the time between games had been used to make Redeemer a little deeper and more interesting than this repetitive slash-fest.
  19. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    It's a solid game with lots of good stuff...But its slow, repetitive pace keeps the thrills in check, and the bosses are either pitifully easy or painstakingly annoying. [Nov 2003, p.188]
  20. Like the other Hunter games, features a limp sound track, silly dialog, and giant swarms of monsters. It's also really meant to be played multiplayer; the person playing by themselves is likely to end up frustrated by the amount of baddies and the punishing difficulty of boss battles.
  21. Weekly Famitsu
    6 / 6 / 6 / 7 - 25 [Vol 788; 23 Jan 2004]
  22. Like its predecessor, Redeemer shines brightest when played with friends. Lonely players, on the other hand, draw the short straw yet again, and are left with little more than a shallow button masher, though the allure of the license may help ease any gameplay pangs.
  23. Since innovations in this series seem to come in microscopic increments, it's safe to assume each subsequent game will not only feature the elements that made the main game fun, but also the flaws that marred the experience as well.
  24. 60
    I'm stunned by Redeemer's hefty number of annoying quirks; in both presentation and gameplay, this game is sloppier than a Carl's Jr. Super Star.
  25. The only thing that redeems this game from total mediocrity is the multiplayer, and the more people you have (up to four) the better. Like Mario Party, it’s nearly pointless to play alone, but gets more fun with a group and a case of beer.
  26. Admittedly, if you liked the first game, then your going to love this to bits - but it'll be a bit boring for your average gamer.
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  1. PeoplesH.
    Feb 8, 2004
    Have to say, alone it is a solid 7, not much fun. But with a friend or to it gets where it belongs. Graphics are great, monster look awesome, Have to say, alone it is a solid 7, not much fun. But with a friend or to it gets where it belongs. Graphics are great, monster look awesome, many playable charecters(more than the which are in the beginning) and controls work perfectly. I can not make a single one badword of this game when you play it with your friend, that is what this game needs. We hope whitewolf will publish some extra material via Xbox Live(more levels maybe?). And you can play the game through many times with your saved hunter, and keep up boosting those xp lvls. GREAT FUN ! I bought it for 25euros(new) and I can not see why I should not have bought it, it just is great. Full Review »
  2. Bob.B.
    Dec 29, 2003
    Good rent game, awesome for multiplayer. I wouldnt recomend buying it though, it's more of a one time play thing :P
  3. [Anonymous]
    Dec 16, 2003
    Another sleeper hit. I wish this game gets more recognition. It's literally a blast to play with a group of people.