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  1. If you are a racing fan of simulation style real world physics car races, IndyCar Series 2005 is a must have - as no other title in the genre is as indepth.
  2. The near perfect controls and down-to-the-last-detail IndyCar racing style makes this game the ultimate IndyCar racing game so far.
  3. Codemasters prides themselves on the quality and realism of their racers, and just like we expected no less from the first IndyCar, it's we got no less this time either.
  4. Straight away you can tell that this game means business with the amount of options you can choose from before you even get to race.
  5. For fans of this racing genre, you will kick yourself if you don’t treat yourself to the best the sport has to offer. It’s deep, it’s fast, it’s authentic, it’s online, it’s fair, and it’s fun!
  6. Does a remarkable job of simulating just about every aspect of the IndyCar season and the world famous Indianapolis 500. The car setup, the schedules, the teams, the racers, everything is perfect and you won’t find a more authentic presentation of IndyCar racing on the Xbox.
  7. The faultless execution of the courses is also of note. Even though they’re all ovals, each one brings its own challenge - be it smoothness of the surface, the camber of the surface, the length of the course or the diameter of the track, all the courses have in common is the fact they’re ovals and that the racing is so close around them.
  8. One of the best budget titles I have played in quite sometime.
  9. 80
    Those folks interested in a casual arcade race, or who like getting a little drunk and playing "Cruisin' USA" in the arcades will not, I repeat, will not enjoy this game at all. It's a game of .03 second winners, a game of incremental lap increases, and a game of intense concentration and focus.
  10. Online play adds so much more than the original, as well a lot of other improvements. The average look of the games graphics and audio does weigh a little bit on the gamer, but for the price, why argue?
  11. Cheat Code Central
    It will takes weeks to develop your skills but thanks to the great tutorial and easy-to-use interface, it couldn't be easier to get an Indy-education.
  12. No right turns, a heavy focus on tweaking your car's specifications, and brutal difficulty. This is not a pick up and play title for the casual driving fan. However, if you prefer Gran Turismo to Mario Kart, this might be worth at least a rental.
  13. If you’re a racing game fan in general and can get accustomed to the typical IndyCar Racing League races, you’ll find a depth of gameplay modes to last you well into the summer.
  14. There really isn't much to ponder over if you're a fan of IndyCar racing. This is the best IndyCar title to date, period. If you like Indy, you will like this game. However, if you don't like Indy, then stay as far away from this game as possible.
  15. Makes up for its visual shortcomings by delivering memorable online play. In this domain, not too bogged down with flashy, sophisticated graphics, the cars race smoothly and will keep adrenalin-pumped players on the edge of their seats.
  16. Codies also knows how to write code for Live, making the twelve car action run as smoothly as a baby’s bottom. Graphics are pretty weak, and so are any chances for replayability, since everything is left hand turns.
  17. 75
    After my ears finally healed back up from the game's soundtrack, I was pleasantly surprised by IndyCar Series 2005. For a budget title (retail price is about $20), the game really comes across as a solid racing title. The learning curve is definitely steep, but it's still a good enough game to appease most fans of the genre.
  18. While the game is by no means the easiest racing title around it’s fair to say it’s a no nonsense racing simulation that offers a hardcore racing experience for hardcore racing fans.
  19. AceGamez
    At best a thunderous thrill ride of nervous tension and insane speed and at worst a frustrating graft through endless laps of samey left-hand turns.
  20. The professional mode imposes every rule of the Indy Racing League, making for a truer simulation of actual driving conditions.
  21. This game is for someone who wants to turn Indy Racing into a lifestyle, not for a casual player looking for a five minute break from "Halo." It's a good game for its audience, but isn't going to break out of its niche.
  22. Most importantly, the Master Class is hard as hell--but if you wish to be at all proficient at this game, the Master Class is required. This is where most people fall off the bridge—yours truly included.
  23. Unless you're a dedicated fan of the sport, it's unlikely that the game's focus on car setups, strategies, and never-turn-right racing will appeal.
  24. The game still looks pretty heinous and the Masterclass training exercises seem to have been cut together by a high school digital arts class. [Aug 2004, p.102]
  25. The graphics looked old, the sound effects where poor and driving round a track for 50 laps was mind numbing.
  26. Official Xbox Magazine
    Fails to measure up to Codemasters' other fine racing titles. [Aug 2004, p.84]
  27. Once again we harp back to the fact that the controls were not as responsive as we hoped and although this probably is tuned into the requirements of Indy racing although it made racing slightly harder or should we say more of a tussle!
  28. Multiplayer was a huge disappointment. As I stated, random spinouts and over easy crashes make the game almost un-enjoyable at times.
  29. 60
    The competition isn't super hot, however, especially once players get the hang of the controls. It's not that the AI isn't realistic, just that it doesn't push very hard against a reasonably capable player.
  30. This tense, strategic driving simulation is hampered only by the sport itself. All the tracks are oval and essentially the same.
  31. Xbox Nation Magazine
    The game is just realistic enough to annoy the bejesus out of you. [Aug 2004, p.86]
  32. For general fans of racing, there are many, many titles available that will satiate your need for speed better than this effort. Not a tragic attempt, but at the same time, IndyCar Series 2005 is as close to average as they come.
  33. Take away the license for IndyCar Series and you are left with nothing more than a below average racer.
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  1. JMAN51
    Jul 8, 2004
    This is an awesome IndyCar sim. There is nothing majorly wrong with the game although graphics could use some fine tuning and it would have This is an awesome IndyCar sim. There is nothing majorly wrong with the game although graphics could use some fine tuning and it would have appeal to casual gamers if there was an arcade mode of some kind. If you are a fan of oval racing and tuning race cars this is definitely the game for you and its only $20. Full Review »
  2. HowdyDoody
    Jun 25, 2004
    This is an excellent oval racer. The graphics do look a tad dated, but the sweet framerate more than makes up for it. The sense of speed in This is an excellent oval racer. The graphics do look a tad dated, but the sweet framerate more than makes up for it. The sense of speed in this game is blistering. I'm not much of a single player person, so I'll tell you what I like about it on LIVE. 12 humans,+ 8 AI cars (optional) = 20 car field. ability for 10 to 200 laps plus pits. Allows for qualifying before each race. Also has options that starting grid is created by the order of persons checking the ready box. The person that readys up first is on the pole. LIVE keeps up with all records/stats. You accumulate points per race that LIVE keeps up with. These points allow you to go up in rank. This rank can then be used to filter created games. All my races were lag free, and it hard to explain the sensation of speed when your traveling 235 at Indy, heading right into a 6 car pileup. Perfect! Full Review »