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  • Summary: Iron Phoenix combines team-oriented strategy with weapon-based combat. Warriors emerge to take part in a final battle for the legendary sword known as the Iron Phoenix. In addition to the single-player story, the game delivers 16-player battles through Xbox Live and System Link. Inspired by classic martial arts epics, Iron Phoenix creates a fighting experience that includes rooftop chases, wall-walking, and classic fighting-game combos. Execute bone-crushing moves based on ancient Chinese fighting styles that are motion-captured from real martial artists. Expand
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  1. It will take some time to reach a level of Zen with the control system. It takes plenty of mindfulness to reach a state of mindlessness. Once the controls become second nature Iron Phoenix comes to life.
  2. The concept of Iron Phoenix is very intriguing and it has been pulled off nicely. A sixteen player online fighter is innovative, but Iron Phoenix's execution holds it back just slightly.
  3. A solid fighting game that had the potential to be something truly brilliant. There isn't much in the gaming world more satisfying than beating others online and it comes to you here in bucketloads.
  4. The combat options are refreshing, and the ability to pummel up to 15 other people in a deathmatch is awesome, but the graphics aren't as smooth as they could be, and there's not that much more to do, due to the lack of a comprehensive story mode.
  5. While the character models may leave something to be desired, the environments in Iron Phoenix impress with detail and variety. [June 2005, p.85]
  6. In the end analysis the game just does not hold up. The broken frame rate makes it difficult to control and it just can't deliver on its promise of a massive online fighting game.
  7. This bird will need a true miracle to rise again from this disaster. [June 2005, p.130]

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