James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing Xbox


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  1. You can also race through a shitstorm of artillery fire in a Porsche Cayenne Turbo (complete with “Q-cloak” invisibility feature) or missile-firing Triumph Daytona 600.
  2. The over-theshoulder style does allow for the seamless integration of glossy scenes to drive on the plot and add a more genuine movie-like feel to the game.
  3. I know this is a little late, as reviews go, but when I saw what a god-awful train wreck "Goldeneye: Rogue Agent" was, I felt it was necessary to remind gamers that there's a far, far better Bond-themed game available just a few feet down on the game store shelf, at a far more reasonable price.
  4. The best Bond game since "Goldeneye." The gameplay is fun and exciting while the graphics are impressive.
  5. No game has ever captured the feel of its movie counterpart so well. If EA ever realizes how much they are missing out on by passing up Live they could have a masterpiece on their hands.
  6. You cannot help but be impressed by the level of [sound] quality, from the superb voice acting to the suitably epic score featured throughout; exceptional on all parts.
  7. An ambitious but successful interactive adventure that blurs the lines between motion pictures and video games.
  8. 90
    Pure Bond, perhaps even the best Bond, with something for everyone. The over-the-shoulder view is what 007 needed all along.
  9. So, if you have no problem with a 3rd person view and enjoy fast-moving action games with a definite flare for movie feel, you should go out and pick up EoN.
  10. Perhaps best of all, however, is the way each level has multiple paths and solutions, not only during the 3PS (3rd-Person Shooter) elements, but also during the fantastic driving levels – which utilize the Need for Speed engine – where you’ll often have an option between Bond’s various automobiles.
  11. The AI is impressive and will give you a run for your money.
  12. 90
    Electronic Arts has finally created a James Bond experience that rivals that of Rare’s highly esteemed Nintendo 64 title, "Goldeneye." Incredible voice acting, thrilling Bond action and a competent and compelling storyline make this Bond title one of the best.
  13. EA being EA, there's no online component for Xbox owners, although PS2 players in PAL territories do no better. It seems that online multiplayer is a purely PS2, purely NTSC market phenomenon.
  14. 90
    In the absence of a Bond film this year, Everything or Nothing manages to live up to the huge advertising budget put behind it.
  15. The game is also really easy to get to grips with and features some very user friendly mechanics. For instance, jumping off a building will automatically deploy the rapel, eliminating the possibility of a mistake.
  16. 90
    Across the board, the slick environments, cut-scenes, and character faces shine, although some of the animations are awkward, particularly when 007 runs. A great title song by Mya, strong voice acting, and booming sound effects complete the package.
  17. 90
    Packing serious star power, astounding production values, and surprisingly entertaining gameplay, Everything or Nothing delivers on all relevant counts, providing for a rousing escapade that ranks among the best to feature Her Majesty's finest.
  18. 3rd person shooter done right. James Bond has all the moves and weaponry you will ever need.
  19. Does a great job of blending elements of action, stealth, and driving to create one of the greatest Bond game ever, just after the all-time classic, Goldeneye. Everything or Nothing starts players off with a kick in the ass and doesn’t let up until the credits roll.
  20. A third-person action game that blends shooting, driving, and other types of action together in a seamless fashion, delivering an awesome experience that puts you in 007's shoes better than any game to come before it.
  21. EA scores. That's pretty much all there is to sum this baby up.
  22. Hits the nail on the head in every aspect of game design. While not a perfect title, it’s hard to fault a developer who packs so much variety and intensity into a single game.
  23. The awesome production values put into EON easily make it the best modern Bond game yet and even without Xbox Live support is still definitely worth your money.
  24. A solid story, engaging gameplay and sound technical merits makes Everything or Nothing the best Bond title that’s been released in years.
  25. 85
    Just a medley of solidly-executed gameplay ideas; stealth, explosive driving, shootouts, and huge boss fights come together to make it almost more compelling than some of the most recent movies.
  26. Is it the next great evolution of gaming? Perhaps not, but it is a step towards creating the ultimate James Bond title. [Mar 2004, p.92]
  27. 85
    It's a great feeling seeing something you shoot explode into tons of little chunks (which looks similar to when buildings explode in "Return of the King" -- another EA blockbuster title), and some of the racing scenes define the word "epic."
  28. 85
    The gameplay kept me interested and made me want to continue the story line. It is almost a total package type of game, I If you like “stealth action” type thinking games.
  29. 85
    It’s decidedly low-tech, but pleasing in a visceral way. While many scenes play out on foot, there are plenty of vehicles to operate, from tanks and choppers to a Porsche Cayenne.
  30. The healthy collection of missions provides plenty of variety to try out some of your moves, although sometimes the breakdown of these missions into short objectives can spoil your fluency.
  31. Intense, energetic, and simply fun, you’re sure to need a shaken martini after experiencing the action-packed gameplay of James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing.
  32. A solid package with all the makings of a great movie, game play is fun and exciting, and the addition of 4 Multiplayer modes including a Cooperative mode strengthens the replay value.
  33. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    It's been a while since I played a game with such engaging, pure, and thrilling action, and on top of the excellent single-player game, there's a pretty cool co-op mode to nicely round out the package. [Apr 2004, p.114]
  34. Entertainment Weekly
    Action addicts still get their share of mayhem, however, as EON delivers some spectacular levels, including a breakneck highway chase on a flamethrower-equipped motorcycle. Her majesty would definitely approve. [13 Feb 2004, p.L2T 18]
  35. Play Magazine
    The challenge can be steep. Running and gunning without taking cover and finding calculated ways of clearing a path is death. [Mar 2004, p.52]
  36. Computer Games Magazine
    The best bond game since "Goldeneye." [June 2004, p.11]
  37. Official Xbox Magazine
    Just like a Bond girl - incredibly pretty, smart (but not too smart), entertaining (but not too entertaining), and good for a couple of great surprises. And just like the movies, you're left salivating for the next one. [Mar 2004, p.76]
  38. The seamless action—now presented in third person—is spit-shined and ever shifting.
  39. For the most part, "Nothing" makes performing these Dondian stunts easy, with its intuitive controls, friendly camera, good level design, and clearly defined goals. But the inventory system could use some work. [Mar 2004, p.74]
  40. Particularly thrilling is the motorcycle chase on the narrow freeway, evoking strong visions of what EA could have done had it been blessed with The Matrix license. The cohesion between 007's on-foot missions and driving excursions further adds to the cinematic feel, which is Everything or Nothing's strongest trait.
  41. With its new cinematic approach to the series it has captured the essence of what Bond does in the movies very well.
  42. Bond actually carries useful gadgets you simply can't wait to use. He flings himself off walls using a very cool rappelling system and can send in the remote and compact Q Spider to blow up things in tight spaces.
  43. Presentation and action mesh together for a great time, and even though the multiplayer lacks, it still puts your license to kill to good use.
  44. With the lack of Xbox Live support, the limited split screen multiplayer modes, 2 player co-op, Scramble, Race and Arena are not quite as interesting as the Multiplayer should have been but the single player aspect more than makes up for it.
  45. High production values, exciting vehicle sequences and the cool Bond Moments outweigh the tedious shooting bits and subpar stealth modes, leading to a solid use of the license.

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  1. JET
    Feb 6, 2011
    I Love this game! It's the best James Bond game ever (Yes, even better than Goldeneye) Its also one of my favourite games and it has anI Love this game! It's the best James Bond game ever (Yes, even better than Goldeneye) Its also one of my favourite games and it has an excellent campaign and co-op mode! Full Review »
  2. Feb 5, 2011
    Whats with all the hate for this game?! I Think its brilliant, especially the co-op mode.The single player campaign is the best out off all ofWhats with all the hate for this game?! I Think its brilliant, especially the co-op mode.The single player campaign is the best out off all of the games, and th superb voice acting adds even more, Full Review »
  3. JacobA.
    Mar 24, 2007
    The graphics are great the third person was slightly disapointing, but every bit as good as predicted and the range of vehicles was amazing The graphics are great the third person was slightly disapointing, but every bit as good as predicted and the range of vehicles was amazing (7). One flaw.... not enough weapons.Good gadgets! Full Review »