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  • Summary: Based on famous Arthurian legends, Knight's Apprentice, Memorick's Adventures, tells a story of war, magic, and evil forces. You can explore the game's 19 different levels in four different ways--riding a horse, flying a gryphon, sliding down on a shield, and walking or running. Your hero's skills evolve constantly as you progress through a variety of environments. Use your battle skills to defeat all 26 types of monsters that await you. Expand
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  1. A great game in that it’s not pushing a particular graphics or gameplay agenda at all. It’s just a really cool game from a smart developer that’s putting out a fun to play product that will appeal to a variety of Xbox owners, particularly those looking for a decent fantasy adventure.
  2. Its shady camera and controls (both of which are downright angering at times) make this a strictly a rental at first.
  3. The straightforward gameplay makes it an easy game to pick up and play, and the fact that you can respawn with full health right where you die makes it easy to overlook the camera flaws, even if they do cause you to die repeatedly.
  4. The game's shallow simplicity, short length (well under 10 hours), and control issues detract from any appeal.
  5. There are some bugs which tend to drag it down to the border of un-playability. In some odd way I like the simplistic, old-school design with its pick-up-and-play controls, but I can't help thinking that it could have been so much more.
  6. I can officially say I've played 2004's worst game.
  7. 30
    All of my best laid hopes were crushed, sliced, bludgeoned, and lit on fire to slowly simmer in the painful gamer's hell that I underwent during my 18-20 hour quest through the majority of Knight's Apprentice.

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