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  1. 65
    The humor involved here is remarkably fresh in its non-edgy, non-focus-tested crassness.
  2. The only reason to play Larry is because of the Quarters minigame and the humor. The comedy is absolutely side-splitting in most of the game, bringing back memories of "Road Trip" or "Old School."
  3. Cheat Code Central
    You won't get the Full Monty here but you'll see a lot of T &A. The language itself is very explicit and you'll find yourself shocked into bouts of laughter at some of the things that come out these characters' mouths. The voiceacting is darn good and interestingly enough the characters, especially the girls, have more depth to them than you would expect.
  4. The one point of Magna Cum Laude that stands out is the fairly hysterical humor of the game. Borrowing pages from movies such as "Animal House," Magna Cum Laude has some of the funniest lines ever uttered in a video game. The characters and the dialog bring unprecedented humor to the consoles.
  5. There's just something missing from the end result, and though the pleasingly simple gameplay is great fun in short spurts, LSL hasn't quite got the stamina for any schlong-lasting appeal.
  6. Computer Games Magazine
    While the mini-games are shallow and sometimes boring, Magna Cum Laude has an interseting adult humor element that is sure to keep one amused while playing. [Feb 2005, p.9]
  7. Because of the shallow gameplay, I can't imagine anyone playing through this game once, much less multiple times. It's a simplistic romp into gaming nostalgia that won't appeal to anyone but the most retro of the retro-gamers out there.
  8. But the difficulty of the mini-games makes your lines repetitive, and your humor wears thin.
  9. Simplistic gameplay aside, the game is honestly funny when it's not being too lowbrow. Well, even when it's lowbrow there are still quite a few amusing moments.
  10. 70
    Although it's not a hard game, it can get quite tedious going back and forth around the world to please a girl, trying to get that perfect trampoline combination, and win at Quarters whilst still managing to get enough money to buy those cool clothes to impress that special girl.
  11. 70
    It's almost like they came up with the jokes first, then hastily built a game framework around it. [Dec 2004, p.118]
  12. A bit like a cross of "Parappa the Rapper" and the film "Animal House." The sleazy humor is fun for a while but gameplay can get repetitive.
  13. The presentation hits the mark in terms of humor, and there are quite a few things to try in the game. However, it lacks in long-term enjoyment, and repetition sets in quickly. In the end, Leisure Suit Larry is like a one-night stand. You'll enjoy it, but the party ends a bit too soon.
  14. A skewed, funny, and at times hilarious look at the campus mating game. Unfortunately, just like the mating game it's not without its frustrating moments.
  15. Wear your morals round your ankles and keep your mind in the gutter, otherwise this crude comedy is shooting blank. [GamesMaster]
  16. If you are a fan of the original Larry installments, don't expect the same charisma or flair that they had with this….it's a new chef trying to add some added spice in the same kitchen, only they used too much of the wrong spice.
  17. If you're willing to forgive its brain-dead gameplay and occasionally frustrating design, Magna Cum Laude is a hysterically entertaining romp through the world of wacky sexual hijinks.
  18. 50
    While it has the series' trademark snappy dialogue, sultry vixens, and more double entendres than a classic Rodney Dangerfield routine, it's missing one thing: the fun. The mini-games dragged after only a few hours, and getting through the game felt like a chore.
  19. An outrageously funny and extremely naughty game that bends the rules but still falls a bit flat due to its repetitive nature.
  20. Even though the mini-games are too common and unnecessarily repetitive, and the random cartoon nudity isn't worth the effort, the wonderfully insane dialogue and characters are worth taking a trip to Larry's collegiate adventure.
  21. For an attempt at creating a worthwhile recreational experience, it's an otherwise fun game rendered boring by constant loading screens.
  22. 72
    As an adventure or puzzle game, Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude falls short...The titillating moments certainly deserve some credit for helping maintain your interest here, but it's the game's humor that's the real star and, ultimately, the only reason to keep playing once the allure of polygonal boobies has worn thin.
  23. As a showcase for adolescent high-jinks and a censor-pushing barrage of four-letter words, Larry succeeds as well as the average episode of "Jackass;" as a video game, it's a lackluster sequel in a series that once relied more on innuendo than on crude references and penis jokes.
  24. It has to be said though – as a game, LSL is pretty thin. The mini-games are weak and become pretty repetitive. Happily though, the bawdy comedy that plays out while you're going through the motions, especially during the conversations, do make it all worthwhile.
  25. It's just seems to be a misguided attempt, punctuated by moments of hilarity. Cut the arcade games in half, add a few more musical numbers and a few real puzzles and LCL:MCL would shine.
  26. If I were to make any major complaints then it would have to be the overall simplicity level of the game and the horrendous loading that occurs after every activity.
  27. While the game does contain some exploration and adventure aspects, the core gameplay boils down to a never-ending series of mini games that become repetitive fairly quickly.
  28. Being a fan of the series it hurts to see the Leisure Suit Larry franchise brought up to date like this, a lot more thought and effort was needed instead of just relying on the boobs.
  29. While it won't be to everyone's tastes, it's hard not to get hooked into Larry's world, there's a lot to explore and experiment with - including honing your photography skills, unlocking some uniquely sleazy mini-games and simply enjoying one of the funniest scripts in a game since, well, the classic adventures of the Eighties and early Nineties.
  30. Is Leisure Suit Larry crass? Yes. Vulgar? You bet. Immature? Of course. Funny? Downright hilarious.
  31. While I feel the developers missed their mark with some aspects of the humor (fart jokes are from junior high), other pieces of humor were dead-on and had me cracking up. I just wish the game could have lived up to the adventure games of yore.
  32. An extremely humorous title with some nice little novelties. The problem is the entire game is nothing but a novelty, even more so than it's counterparts.
  33. Xbox Nation Magazine
    It's all so well written, acted, and directed that such seemingly unfunny lines as "Are those my Funyuns?" will make you laugh as hard as any comedy you've seen this year could. [Dec 2004, p.96]
  34. Have fun with the loading screens. It might be a good time to replenish your liquids and reach for a tissue, because you were crying from laughing so hard.
  35. 70
    If you're a Larry fan from way back, Magna Cum Laude takes the series into a pleasing new direction. But it needs a greater variety of challenges to be more appealing.

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  1. Jun 3, 2012
    best game ever the alot of nude bits does not have no story line to follow it has no story what so ever its guy game

    its beautiful jump for
    best game ever the alot of nude bits does not have no story line to follow it has no story what so ever its guy game

    its beautiful jump for joy.......................................................................................................
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  2. Crallum
    Aug 21, 2006
    The worst Larry game ever made. If you have enjoyed a Larry game in the past, do NOT get this game. It is not an adventure game, it is just The worst Larry game ever made. If you have enjoyed a Larry game in the past, do NOT get this game. It is not an adventure game, it is just full of annoying mini-games, that require little skill. This game gets a 2 from me, 1 for each big breast of the girls in the game. Full Review »
  3. ArmandoD.
    Sep 5, 2005
    Larry gives you couple of laughs and thats it... It's very boring and repeating... I don't recommend you buy this game... but if Larry gives you couple of laughs and thats it... It's very boring and repeating... I don't recommend you buy this game... but if you can rent it you might have some fun... but don't expect too much. Full Review »