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  1. ChrisJ.
    Dec 18, 2007
    I have been loyal Madden fan and purchased the game every year, but I think this was my last. I am very disappointed in the latest version. EA did not seem to do their homework on individual player stat's or team tendencies. You could put the game on Simulation and play the 08 season over and over and never get anything near the results of the actual NFL season. The Superstar mode is terrible. If I have to hear Marshel Faulk talk about the ring progress one more time, I could scream. The coaches playcalling is unrealistic and the superstar player has no control over plays other than audibles if he is the QB. I have gotten all sorts of in game errors and after I won the superbowl there was no special bells and whistles. All and all unless you are playing a real opponent the game is disappointing. Full Review »
  2. FrankK.
    Sep 6, 2007
    Once you get an intermediate knowledge of the controls, the game is fun. There are some bugs. For instance, I just finished a game in single player franchise mode with a score of 35-38, while the box score - by quarters - displayed a score of 29-44 (I have the screen shot). I've played a little over a season and would have rated it higher, but the madden series has been around long enough to have a little more polish than this release. It's too bad the NFL signed the exclusive deal with EA. I miss NFL 2Kx. Full Review »