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Mixed or average reviews - based on 42 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 25 out of 42
  2. Negative: 2 out of 42
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  1. There is support for traditional splitscreen multiplayer gaming, but this mode doesn't offer enough to make European Assault a recommended title for those looking for multiplayer action. Because of the barebones multiplayer support, European Assault does not have as much life in it as your typical shooter.
  2. An average shooter in which the presentation and education are more compelling than the game itself.
  3. Adrenaline mode is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen in a game. The very idea of an invincible soldier in a WWII game just does not make any sort of sense. The same goes for the revive feature. I know what the intent behind this was, but I would much rather use the good old-fashioned checkpoint method.
  4. In an era when most publishers are content to churn out games you can complete on autopilot, it's quite refreshing to be presented with an FPS that hands your arse back to you on a plate.
  5. games(TM)
    Electronic Arts' decision to free the series from simply being one man on a very direct mission by creating a virtual battlefield is a wise one but one that hasn't quite reached as far as it could. [July 2005, p.106]
  6. EA's decision to move away from the stilting influence of closely confined conflict in favor of expansive battling proves its worth in a game of high tension and prolonged immersion.
  7. For a series that started the whole World War II shooter experience, Medal of Honor now finds itself occupying a strange middle ground, neither floundering as it so obviously did with "Rising Sun," nor presenting any kind of serious challenge to the innovative "Brothers in Arms," or even "Call of Duty."
  8. For now European Assault is only for the truly hardcore MOH fan or someone who just hasn't got enough of WWII games already.
  9. Computer Games Magazine
    Yet another one of those blandly respectful WWII shooters, with all the reverence for history of a five-day bus tour. [Aug 2005, p.90]
  10. Pelaaja (Finland)
    With European Assault, EA promised to fix all the errors of "Rising Sun" and reinvent the genre as a whole. A bit surprisingly, the game does almost all of this, but for the first time in the series, the technical limits of the current console platforms negatively affect the game play. Despite these difficulties, European Assault successfully combines the intensity of "Call of Duty" with the cinematic and epic feeling of the Medal of Honor series to deliver a more open and less linear game play experience than before. [June 2005, p.68]
  11. The multiplayer is okay, with nine additional maps, but it's otherwise a fairly short adventure without much variety and, annoying as it is, you won't return too often.
  12. I enjoyed watching the fireworks as my pyromaniac character exploded another radio tower/tank/U-boat/door, but between history class and explosions, Assault didn't keep my blood pumping.
  13. 60
    If you can stomach the somewhat random difficulty during the single-player campaign, you'll be treated to a mostly exhilarating trip through the different battles of Europe, including a virtual take on the Battle of the Bulge.
  14. A bland, generic first-person shooter that does very little to advance the genre, and is far from worth paying full price for at retail. The gameplay and graphics fail at being interesting, and the game's only high point is its sound design.
  15. If you're just after an unmemorable shooter you can fight through that doesn't put you in the shoes of a bullet guzzling maniac, European Assault has its advantages, but to anyone who wants a decent first person shooter: abandon the Medal of Honor franchise now.

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#74 Most Discussed Xbox Game of 2005
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 15 Ratings

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  1. Jan 29, 2013
    A rather decent addition to the MOH series. It certainly has its flaws, but it was enjoyable how there were side missions that encouragedA rather decent addition to the MOH series. It certainly has its flaws, but it was enjoyable how there were side missions that encouraged extra exploration of the levels. I felt that the squad tactics didn't quite work right, and the gameplay would have been better off without. Still worth playing if you're a MOH fan, even if it is somewhat outdated. Full Review »
  2. Daz
    Jul 3, 2005
    Firstly let me say i haven't played a moh game since the first one on the playstation (which i really enjoyed). Frontline and rising sun Firstly let me say i haven't played a moh game since the first one on the playstation (which i really enjoyed). Frontline and rising sun skipped me by, so when i saw this released i thought i might give it a try. The reviews from the 'professional' sites nearly put me off buying, but some other reviews said it was good so i thought i'd buy and try. And so far so good. Yes the graphics are not up to the likes of Halo 2 BUT it is a good game with good gameplay and reasonable enemy AI I for one am glad i bought it. Full Review »
  3. JustinR.
    Jun 22, 2005
    I love this game ,but I wish they would have put computer characters in multiplayer.