Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 17 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 17
  2. Negative: 12 out of 17
  1. I wish they would have made the game longer and included more options. It's the type of game that is great for releasing some tension and to have some fun.
  2. We are loathe to diss it completely as it is fun for a while, but you really cannot justify paying forty quid for it. Rent this, grab some beers, unhook your brain and you'll have fun - but don't think about paying full price for it, there's just not enough here.
  3. Add some simple moves, a little combo, and repeat...constantly. The special death move was also a failed attempt in my book.
  4. 50
    What I found most disappointing was the loss of the claymation feel and the sense of personality of each celebrity--in other words, the elements that make the TV show so memorable.
  5. When you take into account the humor, the budget price and the ability to beat your (least) favorite celebrity into a bloody clay pulp, there's certainly fun to be had. [Dec 2003, p.81]
  6. 41
    I’m sure that if you play with the right people, multiplayer can bring some entertainment, but if you are looking for a title with staying power, a plethora of unlockables and an actual challenge factor, look some place else.
  7. You can have just as much fun watching the show and save your Xbox for a real game.
  8. Since the game does provide some laughs and is fun when a friend is over $20 isn't too bad for the game.
  9. The outdated and unfunny jokes, horrible fighting engine, and lackluster visuals and sound make this a game that could have been, but never will. Stay very far away.
  10. After playing through it, I can safely say that there's nothing redeeming about this dud. [Jan 2004, p.79]
  11. Celebrity Deathmatch's biggest problem isn't its timing, but, rather, it's the absolutely horrid gameplay and complete lack of any worthwhile features.
  12. There are a lot of poor fighting games out there, but few are this shallow and boring. [Jan 2004, p.151]
  13. 25
    This game insulted my intelligence as a gamer and a human being. I found very little entertainment while playing this game and feel ripped off that I spent five bucks on it.
  14. The "Howard the Duck" of videogames. [Mar 2004, p.95]
  15. 20
    The gameplay is completely unfulfilling, and the game just doesn't justify it by being funny. The television show's humor was always crass, but the game somehow seems grim and dull.
  16. 20
    Lacking the excitement, humor, and creativity of the infamous TV show, Celebrity Deathmatch isn't even recommendable as a rental to fans.
  17. Besides the two seconds of fatality joy, the only other redeeming quality of this game is its price. Major retail outlets tag it at about $20. That’s still about $19 overpriced, but at least they’re not trying to pretend this decorative coaster is anything else.
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Overwhelming dislike- based on 11 Ratings

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  3. Negative: 9 out of 11
  1. Oct 13, 2014
    Broken. Completely broken. The controls are broken, the core gameplay itself is broken, broken, broken, broken. The controls have achieved a magnitude of suck I previously believed wasn't humanly possible, with plenty of buttons that do nothing and the majority of responsive buttons yielding crappy, ineffective moves. Multiple times in one fight, I would be facing and pushing the joystick in one certain direction, when suddenly, my character decides to veer off in a completely different one. Many of the celebrities I have never heard of in my life and the monsters are incredibly lame and clearly thrown in to make up for the lack of celebrities that agreed to be a part of this horrific, ugly mess. The voice-acting may be the best thing about this game and it too is not that good. I like how they included the actual announcers from the show, but many celebrities do not have the actual celebrity doing the voice-overs. The game is riddled with factual errors, ridiculous camera problems, and terrible animations. The create a celebrity feature sucks, just like the rest of the game. The only apparent positive that this game has is its humor. The game utilizes stupid humor to the max. You'll definitely get a few chuckles in, making this game good for about a few rounds. If you are inconceivably bored beyond tears, heavily stoned, or curious about self-induced mental torture, then this game is worth playing. Everyone else, move along. There's nothing to see here. Full Review »
  2. DartV.
    Apr 23, 2007
    hey just got the game for an amazing $1.40 yes it is crap tried ti for 5 minutes juts could not od the final kill move does not even tell you in the instructions. after 10 mins done it still do not know how. 20 mins took game outside got sub machine gun you can guess the rest. Full Review »
  3. AnthonyV.
    Sep 19, 2005
    It would be far too obvious to suggest this game is nothing more than an excuse for MTV to milk the last bit of money they could out of a dead TV license. It would be far more worthwhile to say that this game sucks so bad that you risk having your television implode and take out the entire solar system if you dare spend longer then 48 seconds playing it. If your I.Q. is that low that you can actually play this game longer and derive even a modicum of enjoyment out of it, you're a danger to the world at large. Full Review »