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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 18 out of 29
  2. Negative: 1 out of 29
  1. The mini-games are awesome, especially the batting challenge, which lets you get used to EA's "load and fire" batting system (which, we hear, was licensed from Club Jenna).
  2. They took an existing series that worked; did a 180 when they lost their MLB license - and produced a product with more features that was even better.
  3. Much like you, I wish this was an official MLB game - which would definitely make it one of the best baseball games ever released - but it's still a great game of ball no matter how you look at it.
  4. 87
    A great baseball game. Load and Fire, which will surely be imitated in future baseball titles to come, is the most fun and satisfying hitting system to date. The pitching, baserunning and fielding is all vintage MVP.
  5. The new gameplay elements and controls are great innovations, and they really force players to develop some skill.
  6. The Online Everywhere system is an excellent demonstration of what continual online connectivity can provide, the precision throwing system is a nice addition to fielding and the Load and Fire system is a great addition to how baseball games will be played from now on.
  7. Even if you are not a fan of the sport at the collegiate level, at the core of MVP '06 lies the same game of baseball, maybe in its purest and most competitive form, which we all love and enjoy.
  8. Even if you don't know who these players are, don't follow college sports, but you do want a great baseball experience, MVP 06 NCAA Baseball fills the void, at least until the big boys start the new season. At only 30 bucks, you would be a fool to pass this up.
  9. Unique, challenging, and a ton of fun. The game proves that baseball is baseball and when it's done right it doesn't matter if you're using Pedro or a young freshman from Kansas. It's still the National Pastime.
  10. The most impressive, realistic game I have seen in a long time. It won't dazzle you with graphics or great sound but it works together well.
  11. EA works its charm down on college baseball, further perfecting the previous installment with deeper frachise mode and refined controls.
  12. The big news is a different online feature, ESPN Integration, which uses your network connection to run a live ESPN news ticker along the bottom of your screen as you play. This is a wonderfully ingenious way to increase the sense that you are experiencing an actual baseball game, and to keep sports aficionados satisfied.
  13. Its overly plain presentation will probably turn off the casual set, but MVP 06 NCAA Baseball's top-notch gameplay is exactly what baseball purists are looking for.
  14. 80
    The analog hitting is MVP 06's most significant addition, and it'll certainly be tough to go back to button-press swinging in the other upcoming baseball sims.
  15. 80
    Dynasty and Tournament Modes offer rewarding single-player experiences, and mini-games lifted straight from MVP past are good for passing the controller with a room full of people.
  16. No matter how you slice it, the lack of an official pro license (in a sport where the following of the pro level is strong) for this year's MVP holds this title back a bit.
  17. I really could not thank EA more for the enhanced Online Everywhere Xbox Live support, and the cool control scheme really injects a big slug of coolness into the game.
  18. Sure, it lacks the licenses and loving treatment given to the major league games, but it's innovative enough for to warrant a go. Although some of its risks don't pan out, we still recommend recruiting this surprisingly skilled kid.
  19. The game itself is pretty decent, but it doesn't pack the punch of an MLB license.
  20. This game did little to lure me into the college fold. It falls more into the category of a generic baseball game than it does a part of EA's college series. [Feb 2006, p.104]
  21. So while the hitting mechanic and improved ballpark creator are cool and the integration of a live ESPN sports ticker is sweet, you'll need to think long and hard about buying what is largely last year's game sans major league appeal. [Feb 2006, p.77]
  22. 70
    EA Canada did a worthwhile job in making this year's version of MVP stand out, even if it serves up a great deal of redone material. [Feb 2006, p.84]
  23. But after nine innings, it's basically the same game, including easy to master controls that'll finally allow you to be big man on campus.
  24. This baseballer does a good job of simulating the minor-league quality of college ball (read: errors seem more realistic and common), but the overly convoluted functionality of the game kills it for me. [Feb 2006, p.106]
  25. 60
    The baseball action, even sans the MLB license (it belongs to 2K Sports, now), is still the best in the business.
  26. 60
    Merely a "good" game that could be far better with more attention to the visuals, presentation, fielding, and in repairing some minor glitches.
  27. The game itself has decent game play, but is hurt because of the lack of attention given to the bells and whistles.
  28. The game has plenty of features to offer, including a full integration of ESPN's services online, a decent Dynasty mode, and some stellar gameplay ideas, but the execution feels rushed in too many areas and the game comes up short of being a winner.
  29. The only addition is Online Everywhere, which lets you check out the live ESPN ticker while still in the game, and it's hardly essential. [Apr 2006, p.93]
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  1. Jul 23, 2013
    I mean, it isn't a horrible game, I just don't think it's a great game. I'd like EA Sports to try at it again, I think they could reallyI mean, it isn't a horrible game, I just don't think it's a great game. I'd like EA Sports to try at it again, I think they could really improve and make a great game. Full Review »
  2. DaveR.
    Feb 12, 2006
    Great baseball game. College baseball at its best. This game surpasses an aready great MVP 2005 MLB edition. This is a definite buy for Great baseball game. College baseball at its best. This game surpasses an aready great MVP 2005 MLB edition. This is a definite buy for baseball fans. Full Review »
  3. AndrewA.
    Jan 26, 2006
    Not up to par with past years, but it looks like this is the beggining of a above average new series from EA.