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  • Summary: The newest installment of the MX series gives off-road racers more freedom than ever before. Challenge yourself in the freeworld mode - an off-road playground filled with treacherous terrain, minigames and machine races. Work your way up the ranks racing against the top champions in the world on over 40 tracks in 14 separate leagues. Face off against friends in both racing and freestyle modes. Prepare yourself for mud, dirt, high speeds and a serious attitude. Expand
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  1. To my surprise after getting my hands on this game, I soon after decided to sign my life over to Rainbow Studios...This game has very few flaws and tons of great features which make this the best MX game I have played across all gaming platforms.
  2. 88
    You'd really have a hard time finding a racing game that's more fun to just fool around in, cruise about the country side and wreck the living crap out of yourself.
  3. 85
    I couldn't ask for much more with MX Unleashed. A few more challenges in freestyle would be nice, but this really is the total package for race games -- which is no surprise, coming from Rainbow.
  4. 80
    Hits all the whoops with just the right speed. It has a solid career mode and a potent mix of open freestyle tracks and classic lap-based indoor/outdoor tracks.
  5. More straight-up innovation is needed next time, but until then, we've got a good solid game on our hands. [Mar 2004, p.94]
  6. Another very good entry in a solid series of motocross games. It plays well, and it has great control and a lot of tracks and objectives.
  7. Throughout the controls are frustratingly unresponsive and the difference between a turn and a slide is too often dependant on chance rather than skill.

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Score distribution:
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