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  • Summary: In Myst III: Exile, you must track a new villain through several surrealistic Ages. Only by exploring the landscape and solving puzzles will you uncover the truth behind this new adversary. This chapter in the Myst series lets you pan 360 degrees within the environments, giving you more freedom than ever before. Console versions of Myst III: Exile also include improved visuals, ambient sound, and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Myst. Expand
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  1. 90
    A perfect port of the PC version of the third installment of the Myst trilogy, and nothing is lost in the translation.
  2. 73
    Decent graphics and superb sound put you right in the middle of an engaging story (which stems all the way from the first Myst), but the horrendous and continuing loading issues will have you severely distracted.
  3. While this certainly isn't for everyone, it is a good game that will bring you hours of entertainment if you're prepared to put the work in.
  4. The game itself is only slightly evolved from previous versions. [Nov 2002, p.138]
  5. Sadly this game seems completely outdated despite the gorgeous visuals and excellent score and with nothing much to offer, gamers should go ahead and skip this one.
  6. The same-old, same-old: the same static screens, decrepit point-and-click interface, crushingly slow pace, and confusing layout. [Winter 2002, p.105]
  7. If you could somehow combine watching paint dry and reading a choose- your-own-adventure novel, you'd have Myst III.

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  1. MicH.
    Oct 24, 2008
    Let's say the truth! This game must be rated for what it is keepin in mind the specific genre it belongs to. So if you don't like this genre (ambient quicktime vr point&click adventure) don't bother at all ! But for what it offers (great graphics, sound, story) IT MUST BE RATED HIGH ! It's a relaxing, different, mind challenging adventure. Expand