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  • Summary: In Myst IV: Revelation, you can finally learn the fate of Sirrus and Achenar--the two villains first introduced in the original Myst. The brothers have remained trapped in separate prison worlds, abandoned by their father for crimes they had committed. Now you must venture deep inside these worlds, while uncovering the mystery surrounding a little girl's disappearance. As you solve puzzles, take pictures, and interact with other characters, you'll soon understand the villains' motives. Expand
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  1. The best point-and-click adventure game available on the Xbox. Rabid Myst fans will want to play this on the PC but this is such a good port that, other than improved visuals, you'll be experiencing the Ages of Myst as they were intended to be explored.
  2. It's a Myst game any fan should play or to see how the story family turns out.
  3. A few imperfections aside, the game is an enjoyable experience for those willing to put up with its slow pace and vast locales.
  4. Myst IV will push your puzzle-solving skills to the limit.
  5. It has a well told story and the environments are beautiful to behold.
  6. Just a poor shadow of what Myst really is, so most users would be better off skipping it and grabbing the PC/Mac version.
  7. It's not as if the game itself is bad, it's that the technology is so horribly mangled that the delicious puzzle-laden universe is almost unplayable on Xbox. [June 2005, p.132]

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  1. SamC.
    Apr 16, 2005
    Good adventure game but not enough action. it just gets boring after a while.
  2. BlueFalcon
    Apr 19, 2005
    I really like how it's such a distinct game, but on the other hand it's really not very fun. the gameplay is very plodding and slow. the puzzles are often frustrating and difficult. i could see this game appealing to some, but not me particularly. Expand