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  • Summary: NASCAR 06: Total Team Control lets you go beyond the simple racing experience and play a part in a racing team. You'll communicate with and take control of other team members during a race as well as communicate with your pit crew. Customize a driver and build a team, and then take your drivers through 22 real Nextel series tracks and 14 fantasy ones. Use the game's voice recognition feature to give verbal commands to your crew chief. In addition to single-player, NASCAR 06 features online multiplayer modes for up to four players. Expand
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  1. NASCAR 06: Total Team Control isn't able to surpass the overall greatness of last year's game but with all the new additions this is one is downright enjoyable and a step in the right direction for the series.
  2. A must-buy for both the NASCAR Nation and "casual" car-racing gamers alike.
  3. If the team concept and voice command features appeal to you, you know what you must do. If not, stick to NASCAR 2005.
  4. Electronic Arts is keying on the sport's blocking, defensive strategy, and teamwork with NASCAR 06-the closest to "Madden" car racing can get.
  5. EA rejuvenates the genre with the brilliant execution of team play via voice recognition, and rounding it off with a solid Xbox Live support.
  6. While this year's model shows improvement, it could still be better. The graphics are a bit ragged and online play is still limited to four players in a race. But, as NASCAR gaming goes, it doesn't get any better.
  7. 60
    The visuals are in need of an upgrade. It could be that EA is just phoning the graphics in until the next-gen systems arrive, and that's a shame. EA Trax is just as annoying as ever. Please stop it.

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  2. Negative: 2 out of 7