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  • Summary: The popular granddaddy of arcade-style basketball is back. NBA Jam brings the supercharged, "in-your-face" highlights of NBA play to life with over-the-top, thrilling three-on-three basketball. Perform monster dunks and alley-oops and shoot from valuable hotspots to catch "on-fire" and obliterate the competition. You can choose from all 29 current NBA teams, players, and arenas and even outdoor playground courts like Rucker Park and LA's Venice Beach. With no fouls to slow down the game, be as rough and flashy as you can be. Expand
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  1. The new dunks and animations look spectacular and really light up your TV screen.
  2. Even with the addition of downloadable content via Live (more than likely roster updates), and some inventive cheat modes that can be acquired such as big heads, big feet and various gameplay enhancing modes, NBA Jam is unlikely to be at the top on anyone's shopping list.
  3. As a stand-alone game, NBA Jam is definitely fun to play, but it lacks the gameplay depth of pretty much every other major basketball title on the market, arcade or otherwise.
  4. If you still want to feel that retro-love pick up NBA Jam, but don't expect to be blown away by its features or anything new, for there is truly a lack of both (except in terms of dunks? there will always be lots of dunks).
  5. From a gameplay perpective, NBA Jam doesn't hold a candle to "NBA Street." [Nov 2003, p.171]
  6. While this latest version succeeds in providing a polished, fast-paced, fun game of over-the-top 3-on-3 hoops, it doesn't really offer anything we haven't seen before. [Dec 2003, p.191]
  7. 40
    What ultimately makes or breaks NBA Jam is its computer AI, which is every bit as nasty and unfair as previous games.

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