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  1. 100
    When playing in a loud stadium, visiting teams face a rowdily vibrating controller, shaking screen, and players whose lack of composure causes bad plays. If you think you can handle it, you're in for a surpise - the overall effect is huge, really adding to the challenge in key moments like kicking a field goal. [Aug 2004, p.90]
  2. In addition to wedging the usual hundreds of teams, stadiums, and plays into the game, NCAA Football 2005 focuses on what makes college football special: the psychotic fans.
  3. 100
    Home Field Advantage is huge in this game, and momentum for INDIVIDUAL PLAYERS is just as large. In one game, my QB had a half where he completed two passes, and then a second half where he tossed six touchdowns. It’s amazing the difference in your players based on confidence level and that all feeds off of home field advantage.
  4. Contains more content pertinent to the college football fanatic and the end result is near perfection...I foresee NCAA Football 2005 online tournaments being huge, especially when the fall semester rolls around.
  5. This is the deepest football game to ever be released on the planet. From players transferring because of a lack of playing time, from your star quarterback cheating on his exams, if you want the most true to life, exciting football game available, NCAA Football 2005 is definitely your choice.
  6. In all, it felt like the players had a slightly lower center of gravity. This allows not only for a good running back to become extra shifty through better lateral movement (without even having to use the juke button), but it also gives defenders an extra punch to their hits. [July 2004, p.112]
  7. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    The option to equalize the stats of both teams in an online contest stands out as particularly brilliant. Not that most of it isn't already brilliant. Because it is. [Aug 2004, p.100]
  8. Official Xbox Magazine
    This is easily the most realistically simulated home field advantage in all of digital sports. [August 2004]
  9. The passing game is out of whack. There are way too many dropped passes. The offensive line's blocking on running plays is horrendous at times. I felt it neccessary to go back and change the score [from 98], so it wouldn't so misleading to our readers.
  10. If you love college football, you will love this game.
  11. Play Magazine
    By far the best college football game to date. [Aug 2004, p.74]
  12. Computer Games Magazine
    Unlike previous versions, the home field advantage is huge. [Oct 2004, p.9]
  13. Xbox Nation Magazine
    EA has kicked its game into overdrive; in fact, the only major flaw to be found here lies with the retread, obtuse, and strangely homoerotic banter between TV commentators Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso. [Aug 2004, p.90]
  14. Definitely a notable improvement over last year's offering and the new Home Field Advantage feature is marvelous, but the recycled visuals and mere handful of other additions may deter those who already own 2004 from purchasing the game.
  15. 90
    While NCAA Football 2005 could use a bit of a graphical overhaul, and the running game still needs some help, the additions of Homefield Advantage and the Matchup Stick really add a lot to the game.
  16. The sound this year is exceptional and easily stands out as the biggest aesthetic addition to this year’s game.
  17. The controls are spot on. The graphics are solid, and the dynasty mode will keep you playing for a long time.
  18. 90
    An ultra in-depth Dynasty Mode and online capabilities will keep you playing until NCAA 2006, or at least until the new Madden comes out.
  19. 90
    On the PS2, you get the usual options, but Live is more interesting with support for Optimatch and Quickmatch, and dynamic scoreboards of other games currently taking place.
  20. NCAA 2005 is not without problems, but no other game on the market can compare to its authentic college atmosphere.
  21. 87
    Home Field Advantage is an inspired idea, the Matchup Stick rocks, and overall the game remains a solid sports title. Don't hesitate buying this if you're a fan of the series, just don't expect a revolution or even much of an evolution from last year's title.
  22. The inclusion of Home Field Advantage is a great feature, and really strengthens the strategy of the game when coupled with the Match-Up Stick. Unfortunately, these two things aside, too much of the game plays, looks and sounds like "NCAA Football 2004."
  23. While the PS2 version looks solid and runs smoothly, the Xbox version suffers from ugly framerate issues. Never mind the superior textures - during most plays the framerate will slow down a bit, while on running plays the pace practically drops to 15 fps.
  24. Frame rate aside, the Xbox does look the best visually as everything is smooth and the textures are bump mapped ever so slightly.
  25. The Xbox version in particular is also plagued by some noticeable technical problems. All in all, NCAA Football 2005 is still a great college football game, but longtime fans will have trouble shaking the feeling that the series isn't quite living up to its awesome potential.
  26. EA Tiburon has added depth to the series with the addition of Home Field Advantage, composure and Xbox Live. Despite a few pit falls, NCAA 2005 is a solid rendition of college football.
  27. It’s also extremely disappointing to see EA do such a sloppy job on a port to Xbox. There is no excuse for any game being ported from Playstation 2 to have slow-down on Xbox when there is none in the PS2 version.
  28. While features such as the noise meter and match-up stick do give the player more control over the experience, significant updates and additions to the rest of NCAA 2005 were conspicuous in their absence this year.
  29. 80
    Places its emphasis on subtle refinements over sweeping changes, which is what tends to happen when the gameplay is seasoned enough to already be considered a class act.

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Generally favorable reviews- based on 12 Ratings

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  1. Kyle
    Dec 9, 2004
    My very first impression when i played this game for the very first time was "Blitz 2000 for my n64 had better graphics than this!" and iMy very first impression when i played this game for the very first time was "Blitz 2000 for my n64 had better graphics than this!" and i still feel that way. I should have expected such, the nascar games are the only good games EA sports has ever came out with. ESPN NEEDS to make a college football game! this game is so bad its just a down right joke. I still haven't found a way to make my QB run for it if I can't find an open WR, he just sort of suffles a bit and then I get sacked...where's the fun in that? the one cool part is making your own college, and making your own players...but its not too cool when the graphics are so pathetic. Don't buy this game, please... instead, harrass the nice folks at ESPN videogames and demand a quality college football game. Full Review »
  2. TJSeger
    Nov 24, 2004
    This game is freakin' it!
  3. Uter
    Jul 24, 2004
    The game is well done, but I can't help and feel like it's been done before. It's not that exciting to see only minor The game is well done, but I can't help and feel like it's been done before. It's not that exciting to see only minor adjustments from the previous year, unless you're a big time fan of the sport. Full Review »