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  1. Combining great graphics, humorous concepts, vast amounts of game modes, and its shares of improvements on the 2002 version, NFL Blitz 2003 managed to satisfy my every need for the fall football season.
  2. Essential fun and surprising depth combine to make this one of the best party games on the Xbox.
  3. It's a great game and definitely worth purchasing if you didn't already buy Blitz 2002, but Blitz 2002 owners may wish to rent this one first to see if the changes are meaningful enough to them to warrant another purchase.
  4. 78
    Midway's pure arcade game is goofy, off the wall, and one of the most addicting arcade games on the planet. But make sure to note it's not a sim.
  5. The game’s only true problem is that it doesn’t have a lot of depth, but besides that it is just a very enjoyable arcade football game.
  6. Playing single player is good, but getting in on the action with a group of friends really makes it great.
  7. 73
    It plays a good game of Blitz, but a lack of gameplay modes, average graphics for the console, and few appreciable improvements over last year's game make it hard to recommend to anyone but the most ardent fan.
  8. The problem here is Blitz is a lot like Jerry Springer: if you’ve seen one episode, you’ve seen them all. This year’s edition does little to dispel that theory, since it comes with only a handful of new features, none of which include online play.
  9. 67
    A pleasant surprise last year, but the newest version offers little in the way of enhancements...Plays smooth and fast, perfect for a quick dose of action here or there. [Sept 2002, p.51]
  10. We're getting a little tired of playing essentially the same game that was in arcades years ago. [Oct 2002, p.99]
  11. The same damn thing with slightly better graphics and a new create-a-player mode that would've been very exciting in 1992. [Fall 2002, p.121]
  12. NFL Blitz 20-03 is a near carbon copy of 20-02, no two ways about it. If you like Blitz gameplay, you'll find it here...but the lack of innovation is startling.
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  1. RudyT.
    Mar 11, 2005
    The game is well done overall, although, there is a serious lack of game modes goving it short longevity.
  2. Uter
    Sep 14, 2004
    I love the gameplay. But there are some simple annoyances to drag the game down a bit. The play picking menu is poorly designed. There are tips that pop up on screen at the start of the game that are just plain annoying - especially if you've played the game lots and don't need any tips. I really think it could have used some mini games and bonus multiplayer distractions. It'd be nice if in following years they included an easier way to enter codes (for big head mode etc) too. As it is ya have to punch in codes on the fly during the loading screen. Overall, I like this game better than blitz pro. Even if it is pretty bare bones. Full Review »
  3. ZiggyStardust
    Nov 8, 2002
    This is the best Blitz yet. It's only mildly improved over 2002 though. So if you don't have 2002 and are a Blitz fan, then you can't go wrong here. It's also a nice place to start if you've never played Blitz before. It's a great game, but it's difficult to justify a purchase if you've got 2002 already. Full Review »