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  • Summary: NFL Fever 2002 combines fast and hard-hitting action with deep season and career modes. Designed exclusively for Xbox, NFL Fever 2002 features stadiums from all 31 NFL teams and enables gamers to participate in up to 25 seasons. Players can amass both individual and team trophies and build their own dynasties, season after season. The fast-playing NFL tempo lets gamers explode through the holes and break loose, just like real NFL players. Collapse
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  1. Graphically…it is superior to both [Madden and 2K2], with the textures on the field looking particularly amazing. [Jan 2002, p.36]
  2. It's a great football game, but Madden edges it out because of superior execution and substance.
  3. Seems, at first, complex, but is in actuality a football fanatic’s dream come true. The game may feature animations that are a little too swaggering, but otherwise well done. And the player AI is incredible.
  4. Despite these problems, NFL Fever 2002 is a resoundingly solid game that will hold much more appeal for novices than the infinitely more arcane "Madden 2002."
  5. Actually playing a game that has a mix of simulation physics and overriding arcade control is really anticlimactic since it doesn't do quite as good of a job at either style of play. Be that as it may, NFL Fever 2002 is still a very solid game.
  6. Easy to get into and with a boatload of options, it provides a worthy alternative to the status quo, although hardcore ballers might scoff at the game’s arcadey nature.
  7. The graphics are the crowning achievement for the game after plays and during replays, but it looks pretty rickety in motion during the actual game play.

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