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Critic score distribution:
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  1. AceGamez
    One of the most magnificently surprising titles of recent years. You don't need to know the ins and outs of American Football to enjoy it, it's infinitely more accessible than others in the genre and it manages to keep the whole 'Urban-Extreme' aspect to a tolerable level.
  2. At first glance, NFL Street 2 seems simple to master. However, after you scratch the surface, this is one of the deepest games available for the Xbox.
  3. 89
    There's plenty of quick payoff, but there are many levels to master to that an expert player on the sticks will looking nothing like a rookie who picks it up and has a blast the first time.
  4. Though there are only scant few improvements, the gameplay is still solid and a blast!
  5. An incredible arcade sports game that goes far beyond what NFL Blitz offered.
  6. The audio in NFL Street 2 is an integral part of the game. The trash talking helps add to the over the top flair of the game, and the sounds effects are done well.
  7. Although NFL Street 2 has managed to double the number of playable modes available for gamers, the large amount of recycled material and somewhat imbalanced or unnecessary tweaks make Street fail to live up to expectations.
  8. The sound track for the game is excellent and EA has done a great job of putting together a very listenable collection of music.
  9. A modest improvement over the previous title, but it's still lacking as a single-player game.
  10. It doesn't have the same high quality of the NBA Street series due to the more urban roots of street basketball versus street football, but for a good adrenaline rush of smash-mouth football, look no further.
  11. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Offers the kind of over-the-top, seesaw multiplayer experience that keeps you reminiscing long after the game concludes, but also has a deep, fun single-player experience, thanks in part to the new minigames. [Feb 2005, p.98]
  12. 85
    It's this carefully guarded lack of realism that keeps the game fresh. While the multitude of moves are clearly wacky, they're never too over-the-top, and it all fits together in this surprising, tight package.
  13. 85
    Featuring the same frantic gameplay as before along with all new game modes, NFL Street 2 is a great addition to the series and is better than its predecessor.
  14. The environments are detailed nicely and gorgeous. I would say that the character models have a kind of animated/cartoon feel to them.
  15. Game play in the first NFL Street hampered on the difficulty on playing defense. This has all been fixed in NFL Street 2 as there are a larger amount of both offence and defensive plays that not only give you a chance of catching a player off guard for the easy score, but for that quick sack as well.
  16. My favorite mode is still the one where you must pick your team from a random group of players and go at and opponent in the same situation – putting square pegs in round holes has never been as much fun in the NFL.
  17. While the new single-player gameplay modes are nice additions, they still end up being too repetitive over the long haul. Multiplayer is the strength of NFL Street 2 and can make for some heated matches.
  18. Play the original NFL Street, you won't notice that much of a difference.
  19. The one and only thing in the game that hasn't changed is the fun factor, which thankfully is still alive and well.
  20. Official Xbox Magazine
    Delivers lots of slick new ways to prance with the pigskin, but over time, the experience lacks the feeling of next-level evolution that defines a great sequel. [Feb 2005, p.72]
  21. 80
    Every bit better than the original, and in many shiny ways. The multiplayer is a blast, it looks great, the game modes are expanded exponentially over the first, and the game dances on the fine line of being fairly realistic without being too over-the-top crazy.
  22. 80
    The game has a heap of different game play modes, but the game is long and gets boring. Multiplayer is where the game shines.
  23. 80
    It lays out more features, more gameplay, and more outrageousness than any other freaky football variation ever, and if it's not careful it might become as complex as a real football game.
  24. 80
    Online quibbles aside, NFL Street 2 easily bests its predecessor in terms of depth, visuals, and overall fun.
  25. The game is at its peak in the first few hours of play, but after that is drops in freshness.
  26. Game Informer
    It's sequel time and all NFL Street 2 can come up with on the field is one new move. [Feb 2005, p.113]
  27. A fun game, but if you played the first, you played this one.
  28. Play Magazine
    What I liked most abou this title was how it managed to improve the already perfect control system from the original - especially with respect to Style Moves. [Feb 2005, p.79]
  29. The game has plenty of modes and things to unlock such as equipment, players and clothing.
  30. It still feels clunky compared to the bling slickness of "NBA Street Volume 2" but that owes more to the fact that American football is more about fat men made of burgers barging each other over than it is playing with style and finesse.
  31. The game suffers from being way too easy for veteran players, while it does still carry that pick-up-and-play function that was made popular with the old "NFL Blitz" games.
  32. A good enough game, though barely anything has changed. It doesn't feel like it has been rushed, since it isn't buggy or broken in any way, but there's definitely a lack of proper maturation here that hinders the overall product.
  33. A number a gameplay and game mode enhancements don't advance the series as much as could be expected and in the search for new ideas and directions, EA BIG have largely struggled to come up with anything substantial.
  34. Xbox Nation Magazine
    The extra games EA added are attention-worthy treats speaking to the schoolyard athlete in everyone, no matter how uncoordinated or out of shape. [Feb 2005, p.95]
  35. Cheat Code Central
    A totally accessible football game. The arcade style should make it appeal to a wide audience. The trouble is that it's not very different from the original NFL Street game, although you can take this one online with the Xbox Live feature.
  36. The beauty of NFL Street 2 is its immediacy. Although numerous offence (running, passing and trick) and defence plays can be employed, its anarchic nature ensures it is extremely fast-paced and easy to pick up. [Official UK Xbox Magazine]
  37. A great game to play with friends online or off, but here's hoping the next iteration gives us more to do with the D.
  38. There's just not enough meat in NFL Street 2 to provide a complete single-player experience.
  39. netjak
    There simply just isn't enough substance here to justify a purchase, even for the novice football player. If you're really looking for a football fix, just go ahead and buy "ESPN NFL 2K5" instead; you'll get a more complete package and the game will stand the test of time much, much better.
  40. It's a fantastic two-player affair, but that's as good as it gets. The improvements and new additions can't save the gameplay, which winds up being even shallower than the first game's due to the inclusion of GameBreaker 2s.
  41. Though NFL Street 2 does enough to entertain for an hour or two, fans of proper football, played with feet, are likely to find it quite dull.
  42. Just like they did with "Def Jam: Fight for NY," EA Big ignored NFL Street's fundamental issues and instead added more flash and one or two new moves. While undeniably fun, EA Big has no right to call NFL Street 2 a sequel.
  43. 57
    Yet another example of the dangers of one publishing company gaining a monopoly over a particular genre. The experience becomes homogenised and the resulting games become soulless products devoid of any indication.

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  1. JJ
    Feb 16, 2005
    This game is great to play with your friends, you can play street events or pick up tournaments. I could sit there for hours playing street This game is great to play with your friends, you can play street events or pick up tournaments. I could sit there for hours playing street events with some friends, some times we do a open field showdown with fat lineman which is funny. For those of you who dont like this game try playing multiplayer. Full Review »
  2. MattP.
    Feb 1, 2005
    This is what version 1 should have been.
  3. TylerJ.
    Jan 24, 2005
    I just love jumping of da walls.