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Critic score distribution:
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  1. Dispense with kicking and doodle-heavy playbooks, and deploy between-the-leg laterals and double reverses, plus a mess of excellent unsportsmanlike, showboating taunts.
  2. The graphics in NFL Street look good with a slight edge going to the Xbox version of the game. The Xbox version looks smoother and cleaner while the PS2 version looks a little rough around the edges.
  3. 92
    It's definitely one of the best multiplayer games out there and is so addictive you might lose a whole weekend with nothing to show of it but sore thumbs and the memory of the five lateral double reverse that you ran the length of the field only to fumble when getting blasted into a wall.
  4. In the surprisingly good single-player "NFL Challenge" mode, you earn points to build a franchise, choosing everything from the players' mutated genes (10 attributes, plus size) to their speed-enhancing sneakers. 'Cause it ain't all about the steroids.
  5. It has stylish gameplay that never really gets old (LATERAL CITY!), graphics that are stunning, sound that fits the mood, and extras aplenty.
  6. A rarity among its peers as it brings a simplified game of football home for gamers that just can't seem to get their minds around the rules of "Madden 2004."
  7. Like "NBA Street," the gameplay is easy enough to be pick-up-and-play friendly but deep enough to stay entertaining for weeks.
  8. Street has surprising depth for an arcade football title, I enjoyed it more than I have any of the "Blitz" games, but it is a multiplayer title at heart and still comes up a little short in the single player experience.
  9. With a strong dose of attitude, very accessible control scheme and creative spin on the sport of football, NFL Street is a bold and worthy addition to the EA Sports Big family.
  10. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Street perfectly blends the arcadey feel of old-school "NFL Blitz" games with "NBA Street's" flamboyant antics. [March 2004, p.112]
  11. 85
    It's not as polished or flashy as the NBA equivalent, but for a first effort NFL Street is a damn good time, with better multiplayer than anyone else.
  12. The only caveat is that true novices to this gaming genre will have to take a quickie crash course in Pigskin 101.
  13. The controls are as simple as it gets and will require very little time to get used to, 10 minutes at the most.
  14. It’s not a game that will hold your interest for more than a couple of weeks. The challenge mode is fun, but once that’s finished; there aren’t many other options (besides starting over) as far as single player gameplay is concerned.
  15. NFL Street is not an easy game, especially in the challenge mode.
  16. NFL Street brings the 'street' style of gameplay to America's favorite contact sport.
  17. Official Xbox Magazine
    Not on quite the same quality echelon as "Madden" or "NBA Street Vol. 2," but it's the exact shot in the arm that the state of arcade football genre desperately needed. [Mar 2004, p.82]
  18. The single player game modes have a fairly decent amount of depth to them, but this game really shines in multiplayer. The computer AI, even at the harder difficulty levels, provides only a moderate challenge for heavy duty football gamers.
  19. While it's merely decent as a single-player game, it absolutely shines when played with friends. Regrettably, EA has once again denied Xbox owners online play, preventing the game from reaching its full potential on the Xbox.
  20. The only thing missing is a simple pro season mode. But things like online play and the inclusion of some classic players (Walter Payton, Howie Long, Ronnie Lott, etc.) more than make up for it.
  21. Cheat Code Central
    Delivers a fun, arcade experience if you can see past the urban graffiti...This game is trying to hard to be "NBA Street" but thankfully the perspective of the gameplay has not been overlooked.
  22. 80
    NFL Street could have benefited from a faster pace, which would have enriched the gameplay. It takes a little getting used, but once you do, it's worth it.
  23. It fits the party game build perfectly, but unlike "NFL Blitz," has the brains and the depth to stick around. The addictive NFL Challenge Mode alone has kept me busy for almost a month.
  24. 80
    The single-player NFL Challenge mode can destroy your enjoyment in short order, but as long as you have real-life friends to join you, NFL Street is a blast—and a much-needed shot in the arm for the genre.
  25. 80
    As a multiplayer sports game it's fast, furious, and fun, but gamers running plays out of the single-back set might want to kick this one around as a rental before calling an all-out blitz.
  26. NFL aficionados can find a lot to love here as well because, while this is definitely an arcade-style game, there’s a bit of strategy involved in picking plays, improving your team and setting players at each position based on their skills.
  27. It's unfortunate that some elements of "NBA Street's" sense of style was lost in the translation between basketball and football, and the lack of a consistently enjoyable single-player mode is a problem for sure, but the game's excellent multiplayer component and its great level of graphical polish ultimately make NFL Street a game well worth playing for any fan of the arcade football genre.
  28. All in all, Street is more of a pure multiplayer experiece. [Mar 2004, p.96]
  29. Entertainment Weekly
    This pigskin sim fumbles by forcing players to run their amateur team against the pros in order to unlock better fields and additional players - a clear case of unnecessary roughness. [13 Feb 2004, L2T 18]
  30. As unbalanced as the offense and defense are, this game is clearly all about the big offensive play which, in my opinion, is very diggable. However, Street does still leave plenty of room for another good scrub-tackle football game, particularly one without so much style or so many stars.
  31. Play Magazine
    Gameplay in NFL Street is fast and furious and, at times, unrelenting. [Mar 2004, p.70]
  32. Computer Games Magazine
    The gameplay is far too unbalanced, making for simple wins and an experience that gets old quickly. Still, fans of the old "NFL Blitz" games or "NBA Street" won't be disappointed. [May 2004, p.12]
  33. Xbox Nation Magazine
    Despite questions about its pacing and multiplayer options, Street will still keep the controller in your hands for hours. [Mar 2004, p.87]
  34. Taking the pigskin to the asphalt is a novel idea and makes for a fast and fun game of arcade football. It's not nearly as slick and addictive as its sister franchise NBA Street, though.
  35. The presentation is feisty, the graphics punchy and the animations gratuitous, plus the game is held together by a sense of fun that you won't get from many American Football sims. Also it has the right sort of aggressiveness that makes it an excellent multiplayer game. [GamesMaster]
  36. The whole game looks wonderful and the controls feel great, in fact there is no faulting this game except when you are defending, you just don’t seem to have a chance against the opposition.
  37. Sadly, NFL Street feels exactly like a sub-game, and an extremely common one at that.
  38. A fun, simplistic diversion, especially with a group of friends. However, once you've seen all the style moves it doesn't have the staying power of much deeper football games like EA's own "Madden NFL 2004."

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  1. AaronA.
    Feb 19, 2004
    Once u get used to the hard controls this game becomes more amaising whith each play. ther are 100s of challenges, larger than life charactersOnce u get used to the hard controls this game becomes more amaising whith each play. ther are 100s of challenges, larger than life characters and pant wetting style moves. an absolute must whether ur into nfl or not! Full Review »
  2. GaborA.
    Feb 18, 2004
    Defense is nonexistent. The QB has all the time in the world running circles around all the slow linemen. Offense is ok but not technical Defense is nonexistent. The QB has all the time in the world running circles around all the slow linemen. Offense is ok but not technical like a real sports game but also not flashy fun like NBA Street. Get Blitz and NBA Street. This isnt even worth a rent. Full Review »
  3. Uter
    Jan 28, 2004
    It's fun but the over-the-top attitude doesn't feel genuine. I also don't like how they did away with the kicking game. Street It's fun but the over-the-top attitude doesn't feel genuine. I also don't like how they did away with the kicking game. Street is about on par with NFL Blitz. Full Review »