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  • Summary: NHL 2K6 is a realistic hockey simulation in which you must take part in all aspects of running a franchise, from scheduling workouts to hitting a slap shot. The game includes revamped animations and more realistic player movement. NHL 2K6 also includes on-the-fly coaching that lets you make decisions during the game to affect your teams strategy and execution. You can even go online to challenge other gamers, track stats, or join a league. Expand
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  1. This is the best game of hockey that I have ever played.
  2. 90
    Last year, Take-Two won the Stanley Cup of NHL games hands down. With NHL 2k6, Take-Two is on its way to win the championship one more time.
  3. This is the most addictive and realistic hockey game this year. Sorry EA, but this one is clearly the winner this year.
  4. Even without the ESPN presentation, the core gameplay continues to shine boldly through – and with the retail price of $20, the game is a steal for just about anybody. Every hockey fan should have it. Period.
  5. Rock legends such as Panthera and Jet Black Summer have made contributions to the soundtrack and many Brits will be familiar with the commentary of Bob Cole and Harry Neale.
  6. The controls are extensive, and do make a difference, taking NHL 2K6 away from the arcade style and into the big time of realism; and it is pretty realistic. The A.I. is solid too, and for hockey fans I'm sure there's a lot to be cherished, from what is a very noble effort, and pleasurable addition to the series.
  7. The NHL 2K series which in my opinion had a stranglehold on NHL games for so long seems to have been done in by the loss of ESPN sponsorship as well as a completely inexplicable complacency in the department of upgrading and redesigning the game.

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