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  1. The best news is that Outlaw Tennis is, at its core, a fantastic tennis game, so when you eventually turn off all the "outlaw flavor" you still have a remarkably fun, challenging, and somewhat realistic tennis game to occupy countless gaming hours, both solo and online.
  2. Official Xbox Magazine
    Outlaw Tennis' blend of comedy mishap and gameplay genius makes for an odd cocktail. But for a mere $20, it's a shockingly good one. [Oct 2005, p.110]
  3. Despite Outlaw series games not being exactly the model of authenticity when it comes to sports games, they know how to make a fun game. Tennis is no exception. The issues I take with the repetitive animations, sound and the ball physics, are really minor when it comes to these games.
  4. Outlaw Tennis went well above and beyond my expectations. This is a game that is packed with quality play and plenty of adult humor. I was glad to see that the focus was not simply on digital T&A, but about making parodies of types of people we find within our pop culture.
  5. 83
    Outlaw Tennis is top-notch in almost every category, but the incremental unlockables sap a hefty amount of the replay value. This game is a winner, but that godawful design decision almost sunk the entire title.
  6. The characters are wacky and funny, the game play smooth (although doing specials seemed fiddly) and really there isn't much to complain about.
  7. For the most part, however, Outlaw Tennis manages to pull off something I didn't think it could do: it blends goofball antics and serious tennis kind of nicely.
  8. Ultimately, Outlaw Tennis is a fun game with enough variety to keep things fresh, but with tightened up game mechanics this could have been the ultimate tennis experience.
  9. 75
    As well as being able to play a match with normal tennis rules there are many different types of matches, which help add to the longevity of the game.
  10. For anyone looking for a deceptively solid tennis game, grab your balls and get ready to make some racket with Outlaw Tennis (aren't I creative?).
  11. Leave this series alone now and let it finish on a middle ground – don't let it fall further down.
  12. Unfortunately, Outlaw Tennis missed the mark in the humor department but there's still plenty of tease and fun to be had here. If it's a deep tennis game you're looking for this isn't it, but it's still worth a rental.
  13. A fun and accessible tennis game with some playful gameplay touches, but it's hampered by a dully sophomoric sense of humor.
  14. While the insipid one-liners that occasionally force gamers to chuckle under their breath are still firmly intact it's the tennis action that could use a bit more refining. Despite the added depth Outlaw Tennis still falls a bit flat in the gameplay department which, as we all know, is where it really counts.
  15. Outlaw Tennis offers enough variety to keep most players busy for quite some time, but it suffers from cheating AI and annoying humour.
  16. Whether you're playing on your own, online or with a friend it's liable to offer even more hours of fun than that poster of that lady tennis player scratching her arse - though possibly not the Kylie remake.
  17. Outlaw Tennis won't win any awards, nor will it really gain all that much recognition. But what it will do is it will give you a fun experience and it won't go wreck your wallet in the process.
  18. 70
    The humor in Outlaw Tennis evokes the uncomfortable feeling of watching a rookie comedian bomb in front of a large crowd. Fortunately the gameplay and plethora of options combine to make for a fairly competent sports title.
  19. There's no doubt that as a casual tennis game, this is loads of fun. But if you're looking for the depth, simulation and total shot control, you might be left fuming that your little sister could beat you with random crazy shots. [Official UK Xbox Magazine]
  20. Although far from perfect, OT is a fun product with cheesy characters, imaginative game modes, lots of quirky humour wrapped around a solid tennis game. And at a budget price too you can't ask for more than that. Recommended.
  21. 70
    With a swift kick to the groin, Outlaw Tennis sends and overhand smash right to the face of the tennis elite. With plenty of unlockables, This game will keep you busy; if not entertained, for hours on end.
  22. The humor might not be for everyone, but if you like outlandish characters, crazy game modes and bad, but good jokes and tunes then you'll love Outlaw Tennis.
  23. The outrageous characters, puerile gags and crass commentary provide chuckles but the jokes soon become stale. Player reactions after each point also quickly become tiresome.
  24. Takes the staid and often haughty overtone of its titular sport and gussies it up with breast implants and potty humor.
  25. The actual tennis engine is extremely well put together, thus giving tennis purists a reason to pick the game up.
  26. A game that reeks of mediocrity. If you were a fan of the lowbrow, unfunny humor present in the previous titles and if you enjoy "tennis," then you might have a pleasant experience.
  27. No doubt many people will find this game frustratingly difficult in single player, but I still think it is a good implementation of a tennis game.
  28. Game Informer
    The other half of the Outlaw equation, the humor, left me cold. [Sept 2005, p.100]
  29. A credible tennis title not trying to compete with the cream of excellence in Tennis titles like "Top Spin," but instead aiming for a more crazy, fun loving audience which this game achieves when playing human opponents.
  30. 65
    It lacks the depth, polish and implemention of top tennis games but the humour and game modes allow to Outlaw Tennis to stand on its own. And given the price, some of the flaws are easy to overlook.
  31. If VT's controls are too simple for you, then Top Spin is waiting in the wings to take your money.
  32. netjak
    As it is though, if you can get past the cheap humor that gets no laughs (even the mighty David Spade would have said "no mas" after 2 of the character designs.) the gameplay is good enough to make this a keeper.
  33. Sure, there are a number of gameplay problems at the core, but overall we rather enjoyed playing Outlaw Tennis.
  34. At this point though, the antics of the Outlaw crew are pretty tired and I'm hoping that Hypnotix will drop the shtick and take the plunge into making more credible gameplay experiences.
  35. 60
    The commentator's unfunny one-liners quickly grate on the nerves, and characters occasionally freeze-up and don't behave the way they should during a game, which is particularly annoying when facing the overly skilled A.I.
  36. What's really shocking, though, is that it plays as well as a regulation tennis game. It has the same responsive controls, and even lets you play online doubles with your friends-assuming they're more likely to chug a Country Club than apply to one.
  37. 60
    The humor in Outlaw Tennis provides some quick-and-cheap thrills, even if it does get old fairly fast.
  38. The different game modes are good for a giggle, but they aren't good enough to compensate for a tennis game that promises a great deal more than it serves up.
  39. 55
    It comes nowhere near Top Spin or Virtua Tennis, and what with the confusing control-system thrown-in, it can become annoying.
  40. Unless you are a fan of both golf/pong, and the Outlaw games which is doubtful, this probably isn't for you.
  41. 50
    The problem is, this disc probably won't offend anyone other than Hillary Clinton and it won't titillate anybody over the age of 12. Indeed, playing the game is like watching a third grader make farting noises: Both the game and the kid are trying like crazy to be offensive, but all they really want is a little attention.
  42. 40
    The "outlaw" elements in Outlaw Tennis are devoid of entertainment value. They aren't even integrated into the game all that well.
  43. You can't help but feel that the whole Outlaw theme has run its course, like the old, fat biker who insists he can't be beat at shot drinking and then collapses after two drinks.
  44. The most telling point about the game is that it quite often made me want to throw the controller-S out of the window with anger due to missing shots I reacted well to.
  45. The humour is immature and unfunny to anyone over the age of 13 (which negates the game's 15+ age rating). The tennis is frustrating and flawed, and simply not up to the standards of the best of the genre.
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  1. JobA.
    May 4, 2007
    This game is way more than what I expected.I always read reviews first and I think that clogs my judgment sometimes.So I didn't even This game is way more than what I expected.I always read reviews first and I think that clogs my judgment sometimes.So I didn't even pick this up until just recently and I have to tell you that this game is straight up fun and a great solid tennis game.I actually picked it up for 5 bucks but this is a game that is more than worth 20 bucks that it retailed for.I would pay 50 bucks now and back when it first came out cause its that good.I give it a 9.2 Full Review »
  2. [Anonymous]
    Oct 25, 2005
    I would like every body reading this review to no outlaw tennis is a steal at 20 bucks, This game does boast imature hummor but is not overly I would like every body reading this review to no outlaw tennis is a steal at 20 bucks, This game does boast imature hummor but is not overly bothersome, the game trys to be funny and fails miserably but i don't care, this is a fun arcade tennis game and really is the only one on the Halo2 box, its deep enough offers a few hallow laughs but yet feels odly saticfying, as long as you can exept the very straight forward single player modes and slightly fawed controler response times it will be a welcomed addition to your library of Halo 2, M-rated San Andres, and a bunch of Madden games. exscues my spelin and lak of corect punctuation! Full Review »
  3. BlueFalcon
    Sep 5, 2005
    I'm not crazy about some of the low brow humour because it's so dumb at times, but this really is a good game. It's more fun I'm not crazy about some of the low brow humour because it's so dumb at times, but this really is a good game. It's more fun than Top Spin. Full Review »