Pitfall: The Lost Expedition Xbox


Mixed or average reviews - based on 35 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 20 out of 35
  2. Negative: 0 out of 35
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  1. A wonderful game that relies more on a subtle sense of humor and strong gaming elements than over the top graphics and gore to attract gamers.
  2. GamePro
    Wrap up the tight gameplay in gorgeous graphics and solid sounds, and Pitfall has never been better. [May 2004, p.69]
  3. Pitfall snagged me like a trophy bass. The gameplay is simple enough for any gamer to pick up, yet challenging for even seasoned gamers. The storyline and dialogue keeps things light-hearted while keeping the focus on the game’s addictive gameplay.
  4. The more I have played this game, the higher my review score has gone. The farther I got in, the more I enjoyed the puzzles, and the more I appreciated the throwback to the game that started all of this.
  5. Pitfall's main game is very short, as I blazed through it in seven hours. While it does have a few secrets, such as the ability to play as Nicole and the unlockable Pitfall games you can find in a shrine near your starting point (complete with a giant Mayan monument to the Atari 2600), Pitfall is still a bit on the brief side.
  6. 85
    Immersive elements are everywhere: You don't just press a button to activate a lever that opens a gate -- you use the analog stick to shift Harry in the direction you want to tug that lever.
  7. A terrific pick for younger gamers and a great update for older fans of the series.
  8. Kids and the parents who shop for them or nostalgic Atari 2600 gamers will find it a decent purchase, but it’s recommended they rent it first as well to see if the unique control schemes aren’t too frustrating.
  9. This is a great re-visitation to the roots of my gaming experience... Thank you for doing such a great job on this game, and the only improvement I would say is make it harder to miss jumping between vines... And that's a minor complaint, really.
  10. There were times when I really wished for direct 3D camera control instead of a multifunctional hand, but then there were times when the creative use of that right hand was so clever I forgot all about the camera.
  11. I liked Pitfall: The Lost Expedition and I'm sure you old schoolers out there will too. It's a game that can be played and enjoyed by all ages.
  12. The game’s soundtrack is good, fitting the happy nature of the game. The sound effects are plentiful, especially the ambient effects like birds chipping in the background and Harry weeping when he enters dark places.
  13. While Pitfall is souped up on Charm it is low on challenge. Experienced gamers will revel in nostalgia, but it will be a short journey.
  14. Captures both the good and the bad of platforming, and it does so in a surprisingly fun way.
  15. 78
    Still, these drawbacks in mind, I was entertained with the game from its opening cut-scene to its end credits.
  16. Official Xbox Magazine
    The graphics range from okay to great and the colorful cast of characters inject infrequent doses of levity into the proceedings, even if some of the dialogue is two monkey jokes beyond eye-rollingly lame. [May 2004, p.82]
  17. A good platforming experience that is only somewhat overshadowed by its limited gamespan. However, it’s a solid return to next gen consoles for Pitfall Harry, and the inclusion of the original Pitfall and Pitfall II games makes this a must have for action fans.
  18. Sure, the game does hold its fair share of problems - average graphics, an unoriginal story, a tendency to become monotonous and the occasional cheesy comment or two, but there’s enough solid content in the game to keep both old and new Pitfall fans happy.
  19. Play Magazine
    A free-form action-adventure spilling over with platforming goodness, depth and originality. [Apr 2004, p.61]
  20. Computer Games Magazine
    While the game is not very impressive when it comes to graphics, it makes up for it with goofy character designs and brightly colored backgrounds. [June 2004, p.12]

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  1. MatsJ.
    Feb 26, 2004
    Super fun!