Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Xbox


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  1. 96
    An outstanding game -- a dazzling, masterful achievement...Thanks to wholly intuitive control, stunning atmosphere and satisfyingly clever environmental puzzles, the title easily ranks as one of my favorite adventure offerings of all time.
  2. Recommended wholeheartedly. It looks fantastic and features responsive controls, some original play mechanics, a good story, and plenty of thrilling adventure. In the simplest terms: Do not miss out on this game.
  3. Prince of Persia isn't the greatest game ever made, but it is most certainly close. [Jan 2004, p.145]
  4. Prince of Persia's exquisite levels, adventurous gameplay, deep music, and technology-defying graphics make it a must-own for every adventure-loving gamer.
  5. Cheat Code Central
    No other game can come close to making you think you're back in the time period and are actually the young Prince on his adventure. The game is one that will have challenges even for the more advanced player and those watching will see things that will have them shaking their heads in amazement at the moves that can be pulled off in this game.
  6. 90
    While the combat's a bit bland and the challenge could stand to be higher, the fact remains that Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is a wonderful rebirth of a classic franchise.
  7. The biggest problem with my new game is the cinematography. I don't know what schmuck hired these camera guys, but they should have their pinkies cut off or something. Sometimes entire fight scenes are obscured by a curtain.
  8. 95
    Never, and I mean never, have I played a game with such a beautiful, perfectly executed difficulty curve. It's because of the difficulty curve that there was never a moment in this game, from start to finish over eight hours, that I was not having fun.
  9. A landmark achievement in game design starting with the addictively fun core gameplay, instinctive controls, then rounding out the package with gorgeous visuals, stunning special effects, and professional sound work.
  10. games(TM)
    Sands of Time is very much a 21st century product - sumptuous visuals, intuitive control and many unique ideas. Buy it, play it, love it. [Dec 2003, p.92]
  11. Excellently produced, with intuitive, responsive controls, a deep, engaging storyline and immersive sound.
  12. The comparisons to "ICO" are striking, but this is simply the better game between the two...that's something I never thought I would say.
  13. Edge Magazine
    The freedom of movement requires a new level of spatial imagination. Before Prince of Persia, platform games were like playing Tetris with only the blocks and bars. [Christmas 2003, p.100]
  14. There are so many things that are combined to make this game as good as it is such as the storyline, voice acting, animation and the final ending scene is the cherry on top.
  15. Official Xbox Magazine
    A stunning and rare achievement that makes you feel happy to be a gamer. [Jan 2004, p.56]
  16. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Pure magic. Soft lighting effects and elaborate, detailed architecture give the entire experience the quality of an opium-induced vision where time moves at the speed of your imagination. PoP's immersive atmosphere takes you to another level altogether. [Dec 2003, p.186]
  17. With around 10-15 hours of play, outstanding music, the best gameplay system ever conceived, and the two original Prince of Persia's included…you will certainly get your money's worth with the Prince.
  18. While not perfect, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time offers a poignant, uncommon challenge. Its world awaits, rich, wondrous, indomitable. Will you overcome it?
  19. There are just about enough moves to avoid repetition to keep the combat consistently exciting. The animation on all of the moves is superior to just about every other game of its kind.
  20. Pretenders and rivals to the throne take note: a new standard by which all adventures shall be measured has been set. And it doesn't include a big set of 'guns'.
  21. There is no question that Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time has what it takes in terms of gameplay, graphics, and audio to be one of the top five Xbox titles ever. Only the sands of time will tell if it has a theme interesting enough for people to justify a purchase.
  22. A game that I simply can not get enough of.
  23. If there is a perfect game for the Xbox, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time comes close to being the one.
  24. 100
    The best game made this year. It combines every necessary element to achieve one of the most innovative and entertaining games ever created.
  25. But POP's only really significant flaw lies in its adventure/action ratio: Both aspects are thoroughly fleshed-out but rarely intertwined.
  26. So full of character and style that you will find it hard to put the controller down.
  27. 95
    I was immediately enamored with the title from the start and simply found myself mesmerized by its overall brilliance.
  28. The one single game I enjoyed the most this year. The graphics, the music (regular readers know that I'm not all that into music, yet THIS soundtrack is a definite buy if released), the level design, the fighting, the jumping, the story - I can't think of a single thing that leaves behind anything else but a good impression.
  29. But don't take our word for it, because Prince won Best Action-Adventure Game at this year's E3 expo. So it's got that going for it…which is nice.
  30. Xbox Nation Magazine
    Brimming with heart-stopping moments where you've got to take big gambles....A perfect union of storytelling, gameplay, and technological wonder. [Mar 2004, p.96]
  31. 92
    It'll take you a good 20 hours to finish the game, and the cinematic effects throughout the game are well worth the gameplay hours.
  32. 100
    This is the kind of game that literally makes you forget you're playing a game, leaving you barely aware of your body and just totally consumed by the action onscreen.
  33. 95
    It plays like a dream, looks like a dream, sinks its claws into you and won't let go.
  34. Tells a brilliant story, delivers intensive action, and produces a fine adventure/platform title for all types of gamers.
  35. A refreshingly smart, elegant adventure.
  36. Ubisoft just can't seem to miss. They are on the verge of having a hitting streak reminiscent of Joe DiMaggio's 56 game run in the 1940's, and in doing so are on the verge of becoming one of the most successful publisher/developers around.
  37. Entertainment Weekly
    Such forward-thinking ideas have paid off royally: This Prince is a worthy heir to the best videogame throne. [19 Dec 2003, p.L2T 20]
  38. With a very interesting combat system as well as the ability to interact with and climb on almost everything, The Sands of Time is by far one of the most fun and memorable games in the action/adventure genre yet.
  39. 82
    The Sands of Time are one of the more intriguing gameplay devices of recent times -but even though the time-travelling antics of "Blinx" predate some aspects of the latest Prince's adventure, Prince of Persia works where Blinx failed repeatedly.
  40. One particularly neat point about the audio presentation comes about because the entire game is played out as a narrative flashback from the Prince's point of view. This gives the plot cohesion, but also allows the Prince to ask you when saving if he should begin the story from that point, or to chide you when you die that it didn't actually happen that way.
  41. The impeccably intuitive controls make this feel as magical as it looks, and the gorgeous graphics and music fully ground you in the fantasy.

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  1. GormL.
    Jul 16, 2009
    One of the best stories Ive seen in any videogame. And it achieves that without making you swallow loads of cut-scenes. The combat is a bit One of the best stories Ive seen in any videogame. And it achieves that without making you swallow loads of cut-scenes. The combat is a bit repetitive yes, but everything else is pure gold. Full Review »
  2. CascoD.
    Nov 6, 2004
    This game is pretty close to perfect. Excellent gameplay, clever level design; it is always challenging and never gets frustrating.
  3. ScottS.
    Feb 10, 2004
    I have really thought about this and this game has to be one of my favourite xbox games of all time. My friend has not played his xbox for a I have really thought about this and this game has to be one of my favourite xbox games of all time. My friend has not played his xbox for a month...I tell him it is because he has cr@p games and he would if he owned this one. Everytime my girlfriend leaves the house I am straight on the xbox playing this. The aspect I especially love about this game is that it is not all action, it really makes you think....I really cant get enough strategy. Overall it is definately worth the price that I paid for it! Full Review »