Prisoner of War Xbox


Mixed or average reviews - based on 20 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 20
  2. Negative: 1 out of 20
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  1. The gameplay itself lacks any compelling reason to keep at it. Slow, stately and with an emphasis on stealth and absolutely, positively nothing else, the majority of gamers will find themselves bored.
  2. Although the idea has merit, Wide Games Limited's approach fails to provide action gamers with enough action, adventurers with enough adventure, or strategists with enough tools.
  3. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    I was hoping for more Nazi killing and less clambering over fences, but this is still an interesting stealth-genre diversion. [Nov 2002, p.300]
  4. Entertainment Weekly
    Console gamers may find its weak graphics and extreme slowness torturous. [20 Sept 2002]
  5. 60
    If you're up for the puzzle-like gameplay and the repetition, Prisoner of War greatly expands what a stealth game can accomplish.
  6. Game Informer
    The camera is extremely clunky, but this game charmed me more than I thought it would. [Nov 2002, p.144]
  7. But while exercising my stealth skills can be fun in the myriad of mazes the Nazis have set for me, my inability to fight back and incessant item hunting have driven me quite mad. Yes, quite.
  8. While it’s certainly no substitute for a good history book, the game is usually executed, in both its setting and its gameplay, in a fairly believable fashion.
  9. 70
    Although some may be put off by the its slow pace, those with a little patience and ingenuity will feel very rewarded once objectives are completed.
  10. Despite the fact that this looks like a PS2 game and has come control and camera issues, the story (and the execution of it) are stellar.
  11. Some disappointing graphics and unconvincing artificial intelligence for your German captors, as well as the game's brevity, make Prisoner of War more intriguing than wholeheartedly recommendable.
  12. A brilliant idea that somehow didn’t result in a brilliant outcome.
  13. The game isn’t about guns, action, blood and mayhem. It’s a game dealing with stealth in its purest form.
  14. 69
    The rewards were too few and too far in between to justify some of the long drawn out missions that inevitably require multiple restarts.
  15. Painstaking detail and suspenseful play make this a thinking sofa slug’s delight, though the deliberate pace might frustrate action fans.
  16. netjak
    This game is boring.
  17. Official Xbox Magazine
    Easily the biggest problem with the game is the lack of interaction with the game's environment. [Oct 2002, p.102]
  18. The prison camps are all highly detailed and full of things for you to find, figuring out the breakout is fun, some of the scrapes you get into with the guards are a laugh and, if you can handle the sheer frustration of getting constantly caught, you’ll find an in-depth and interesting adventure. But we do rather feel it could have been much better.
  19. Xbox Nation Magazine
    Had it cooked a bit longer, however, this could have been a classic. [Fall 2002, p.118]
  20. An interesting concept marred by a poor save system, lackluster visuals, a frustrating time system, and slow-as-molasses gameplay.

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