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  1. I was pleasantly surprised at how good Project: Snowblind turned out to be. It shows what you can do with the shooter premise if you have just the right amount of imagination and talented programmers to realize that vision.
  2. The save system could have been better designed and the multiplayer is nothing special as well, but it is still amusing when playing with the right people.
  3. I found Snowblind to be an engaging and highly entertaining title, and as a fan of "Deus Ex" was pleasantly surprised at how they incorporated the features into this simplified spin off version of the game.
  4. Tight controls, inventive action scenes and solid artificial intelligence all combine to make the single-player mode an excellent experience.
  5. It's no "Halo 2," but excellent level design and the infusion of the augmentations into multiplayer via a class-based player structure adds a welcome bit of variety to the mix.
  6. Clever enough to feel special, yet familiar enough to get the player involved without much of a learning curve. Whether using the ice-pick to HACK a system, or reeling from the effects of a "Snowblind" disorientation, you feel involved in this game 100%.
  7. 88
    It's as well-rounded a title as we're likely to see on this current generation of platforms. While it lacks a certain degree of charm, it more than makes up for its slight hint of the mundane with a diverse and extraordinarily well-paced sort of action.
  8. A solid, fast-paced experience that provides a nice balance between the fresh and the familiar.
  9. With its massive levels, cool vehicles, character classes, and play modes that range from quick and dirty to needlessly complicated, Snowblind's online game itself is reason enough to lock and load.
  10. 80
    Most notably, the game does its best to reward creative pathfinding. Do a little searching in each level and you'll find myriad vents, air ducts, and the like, which, when utilized, help give you the jump on your opponents and let you avoid head-on fights.
  11. The level design can be a bit drab and boring but the visuals make up for it with futuristic neon lighting used in combination with Chinese architecture and urban environments.
  12. I've never had so many weapons available to me in a game before. It's almost overwhelming.
  13. A dumbed down first-person shooter designed specifically for the PS2, which isn't equipped to run the more exciting elements of the Deus Ex universe. The result is a bland shooting experience that may as well run under the title of 'Generic Game With Fancy Guns' - a real shame when the potential to create something truly different was handed to the developer on a plate by Eidos.
  14. It seems content simply toying with features found in other first-person shooters and doesn't really go the distance with any of them. The result is a decent if predictable shooter saved by a beefy online component. It might be inspired, but that doesn't make it inspirational.
  15. Makes a great weekend rental and the single player should be experienced by any first person shooter fan, however purchasing the title is only recommended for Xbox if you can find a lot of enjoyment out of the online play.
  16. While Snowblind never truly escapes the feeling of being a well-dressed, derivative run'n'gun shooter, it never fails to get the running and gunning right, and in that respect, at least, it's a sound success. [March 2005, p.86]
  17. There are times you want to be challenged, made to think, swept away by something unique and brilliant – and there are times where you just want to kick back and be entertained. For the latter, step up Project: Snowblind.
  18. 50
    While the main ingredients are all there, the final product certainly feels less than the sum of its parts, resulting in a distinctly hollow-feeling and average game.
  19. Unfortunately, the difference between what Crystal Dynamics wanted to do with Snowblind and the finished product is a crevasse that good intentions fall well short of bridging, leaving the game lying in a Wile E. Coyote-style could of dust at the bottom. [March 2005, p.110]
  20. Looks and sounds awesome, plays really, really well. The controls are among the best I have seen on a console platform. Good cinematics, plot, atmosphere... A top game. [Mar. 05]
  21. With unique weapons and gadgets, plus the addition of your newly acquired augmentation abilities, Nathan Frost can give Master Chief a run for his money. The action remains intense from start to finish.
  22. It's one long action set-piece right the way through, with no time to get bored, lost or confused. Thrilling from beginning to end, Project: Snowblind is a top-quality shooter that deserves to be a smash. [Xbox Gamer]
  23. Even with a lackluster story and an almost overwhelming glut of features, Project: Snowblind manages to hold these disparate elements together remarkably well.
  24. One of those games that blindsides you and defies expectations. What could have been just another First-Person Shooter instead proves itself to be one of the most fun times to be had on a home console this year. It isn't the most innovate game on the block, but it is one of the most entertaining.
  25. The single-player campaign is as intense as we've ever played on the Xbox, although it doesn't last too long (anywhere from 7-10 hours depending on your skill level). The multiplayer component can hold its own with the "Halo 2"'s and "Rainbow Six"'s of the world.
  26. The skillfully crafted Project: Snowblind calls on the best of what we enjoy about the genre, but the game feels nicely removed from the norm. [March 2005, p.52]
  27. The cool weapons, unique bio-augmentations, and non-stop action give the game the type of appeal that's simply hard to ignore and makes Project: Snowblind one of the best shooters to be released so far this year.
  28. The bio-augmentations and weaponry are an especially pleasant surprise that open the door to literally hundreds of tactical possibilities, and the game's visual presentation is second to none.
  29. I was just disappointed that it ended so quickly because I really enjoyed it.
  30. 85
    The gameplay, though both short and on the easy side, is a great blueprint for any new first-person shooter to follow. Everything is about outsmarting your enemy with a method that doesn't involve shooting everything that moves.
  31. A jack-of-all trades first-person shooter. It does everything very well, but none of its ingredients leave a truly lasting impression. [March 2005, p.72]
  32. While the sheer amount of stuff that can happen onscreen at one is impressive, the graphics fall a bit short. [Apr 2005, p.117]
  33. 82
    The vision it presents of our military future is... well, actually, pretty damn cool.
  34. The story is weak but it's easily overlooked when playing a game that plays this great.
  35. From a technical standpoint, how the framerate stays so smooth with all the action on screen is amazing, and the spot-on controls are icing on the cake.
  36. But it's this focus on action, strong weapons and robust gameplay that proves to be Project: Snowblind's strongest aspect; it's just a good, solid, enjoyable romp with a strong multiplayer component.
  37. The radical game imbalance makes this one for the FPS hardcore gamer or the Sci-Fi player who loves futuristic titles.
  38. 80
    A rare breed of FPS these days, as it's both high in quality and uniqueness. The mechanics of "Deus Ex" work tremendously well in a high-intensity atmosphere.
  39. Successful play requires a new level of proficiency outside of that set in the campaign mode, giving players much more replay value after finishing the brief single-player experience.
  40. 70
    Using the various bio-augmentations is a hoot (one makes you invulnerable, another slows down time, etc.) Unfortunately, the developers were damn stingy with the save points, which means you'll be replaying some levels more times than you'd like.
  41. While the kind of run-and-gun gameplay Snowblind strongly promotes may offer a fun experience for some, I personally feel that the game has little to offer beyond a depressingly average experience, marred further by a number of gameplay and interface problems, as well as multiplayer support that feels entirely half-assed.
  42. A solid, straightforward first-person shooter. It manages to stumble, gasping and grinning, from the no-man's land of "adequate" and into the green zone of "good," mostly due to the assorted flairs and presentational touches that make all the difference.
  43. 80
    If you have time to think, you'll be pleasantly surprised.
  44. 70
    Easily forgotten, Project: Snowblind delivers on the promise of an FPS game and nothing more. Were it the only option, it would be instantly snatched up; however in a crowded market, there's no reason to settle for "average" when you could be playing "great."
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  1. RichardS.
    Jul 17, 2006
    "It's no Halo 2." True. It's better. Halo 2 is the most over-rated game of all time: a truely awful game that I can't bear to play (the first 2 levels alone should indicate how dire it all is) and Halo 1 is my all-time fave. PS is nothing like Halo 1 or 2 - it is a straight action game, run and gun, loads of weapons, full on action and tremendous fun. There are almost too many weapons, but they are all cool - the pistol fires rockets, the shotgun fires exploding pellets etc. Great controls and HUDs. The graphics are okay - I would have preferred a more techy sci-fi feel liek Blade Runner, but still nice. The cut scenes are a bit dodgy - mouth mechanics are poor, but don't hurt at all. Lots of variety - controlling robots, driving armoured cars, sneaking around vents etc. Not as good as Halo 1, Half-Life 2, Riddick or Oddworld: Strangers Wrath, but still a great laugh and since I only paid NZ$20 brilliant value. Full Review »
  2. ApocalypseBrown
    Sep 21, 2005
    Entertaining single player with great weaponery, which makes you go on a power trip like mr bush! What drags the score down is no co-op, online is shocking and the fact that it has more bugs than what were in sadams office! A shame really but still way better than halo 2 single player. Full Review »
  3. [Anonymous]
    Aug 3, 2005
    The most fun I've had playing a fps not named halo. would have been a 10 if it was longer.