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  1. 90
    The humor will make you laugh, not smile: the writers tend not to go for the obvious joke, and the uniformly spot-on voice acting -- not just for Raz or his immediate supporting cast, but for virtually every character in the game, which number in the hundreds -- gives each out-of-left-field payoff the impact it deserves.
  2. Psychonauts marries platforming, adventure games, stellar art, fun dialogue and a great gaming experience – it's a polygamous experience that I definitely recommend to all gamers.
  3. Hands-down, one of the best games I've played, period, and I've been gaming for over 30 years. Whether Raz is going at it with a masked wrestler or stomping down the streets of a mental city at 50 stories tall, there's nothing out there like this.
  4. I asked you at the start of this review to buy a copy of this game - buy two - and not to let it become another "ICO." If it does, it's YOUR fault, dear reader.
  5. It's almost perfect. Technically it's solid and virtually bug-free but still manages to ooze with personality and imagination. This is definitely going to be a contender for Game of the Year.
  6. A rare game indeed - excellent writing and voice acting, an intriguing story, great characters and solid platform gameplay.
  7. "Creative" and "well-executed" are the perfect terms to describe Psychonauts as a whole. Psychonauts is simply one of the most inspired, fun and ingenious games to appear on Xbox, if not any of the current console systems.
  8. 95
    A platformer that stands head and shoulders above the rest. With a combination of quirky humor, fantastic graphics and wonderfully delivered voice acting, Psychonauts is an experience that you have to play in order to truly believe... It's simply brilliant.
  9. Psychonauts may not be particularly innovative in any of its undertakings, but it breathes new life into a stale genre by virtue of its humor and creativity alone.
  10. Innovation takes on many guises; this isn't this generation's "Super Mario 64" in terms of reinvention, but given its comprehensiveness and attention to detail, you might liken its impact on us to that of Yoshi's Island. Except, you know, this is funnier.
  11. This is easily the most fun I have had playing a video game in 2005 and I can't recommend it highly enough. With any luck this will spin-off into a TV series – it's just THAT GOOD!
  12. I was always motivated to continue my travels in the twisted world of Psychonauts, if only to see what bizarre sights I would witness next. Few titles have ever inspired in me this genuine sense of discovery. [May 2005, p.120]
  13. It'll tickle your brain (OK, not literally) and put a smile on your face.
  14. Loading screens can stall the action on Xbox and especially PlayStation 2, and there are some rough platform encounters late in the game, but Psychonauts is still easily one of the best titles of this, or any other, year.
  15. 100
    The best platform game ever to grace the Xbox. The combination of solid gameplay and a clever and intelligently written story make this a game that must be experienced to be fully appreciated.
  16. Psychonauts doesn't reinvent the platformer, but it still delivers an experience that feels wholly original in every aspect of its execution.
  17. 90
    It's one of the best platformers the system has seen, mostly thanks to its amazing visuals and downright hilarious dialogue.
  18. The actual game is absolutely solid, but it's the charm, humor, and inventive environments that'll win you over time and time again.
  19. The storyline is unique, the graphics are great, and the dialog is many times down right hilarious.
  20. As entertaining as it gets. It's not revolutionary, it's exceptionally refined.
  21. Most definitely the best platform game to come to the Xbox in its 4 year life.
  22. 87
    The first half of this game is easily one of the most enjoyable I've had in the past year. But as is the case with many humorous games, the laughs begin to fade in the home stretch and in the end Psychonauts started to wear on me.
  23. No title is likely to exhibit this much magnetic appeal for some time to come, and as an outspoken resident of Lungfishopolis once remarked, if you don't buy Psychonauts, you "are against children-and against love."
  24. The fact that Psychonauts isn't on the radar as one of this year's big releases is a major shame, as it is, quite simply, superb.
  25. 94
    Psychonauts stays in your mind with its great gameplay, memorable visual style and storyline, as well as its persistently hilarous dialogue. It's easily the best platformer on the Xbox.
  26. A fantastic platformer and a welcome addition to the Xbox hardware. There are some frustrating parts within the 15-hour game, but nothing too difficult that can't be overcome with a few restarts.
  27. The puzzle element is intriguing the way it has been implemented into the game and the general all out wackiness of the characters and story surely sets it apart from its peers.
  28. 95
    Just a hair's breadth from perfection. The only real flaw comes in the form of the difficult to locate figments littering the levels. Everything else was incredible. The gameplay was smooth and responsive, the audio presentation was beyond impressive, and the visuals display a rare artistic value not seen in many games these days.
  29. 90
    Simply beguiling, a must-experience game, which will firmly cement itself in the mind of the player long after the system has been switched off.
  30. Call us crazy, but we're willing to bet the farm that the world of Psychonauts is the most inventive, creative, and downright vision that's ever graced a videogame. [May 2005, p.76]
  31. To say that Psychonauts as finally brought the platforming epic out of the kiddy pool (if indeed you considered it wading there) would be a gross understatement. [Apr 2005, p.20]
  32. Frequent gags, sharp dialogue and attention to detail richly reward those willing to explore and experiment.
  33. Simply put, Psychonauts is without a doubt, the best 3D platform game ever, yes I did say best 3D platform game ever, not one of the best, not second best, but best ever.
  34. With a solid gameplay foundation the Psychonauts story, character creation, and level design shines through brilliantly. The way in which the game designers made Psychonauts feel like a playable, adult cartoon is quite impressive and will floor anyone that enjoys the animation style that "Ren & Stimpy" helped to establish.
  35. Without a doubt, it's the best platformer developed in the past few years, and quite possibly the best 3D platformer yet produced. It's got art, music, a storyline, incredible levels, a real sense of direction and a great sense of humor.
  36. Quirky, zany, downright hilarious... call it what you will, but Psychonauts is mind-blowingly good.
  37. Psychonauts is a unique, fully realized world complemented with beautiful, artistically-minded aesthetics, addictive gameplay, and a touching regard for the humanity of its characters.
  38. 96
    If you're a fan of sharp humor, great stories, stellar gameplay, or Invader Zim, you simply can't go wrong with this gem.
  39. One hell of a good platformer with an awe inspiring story to keep it going if gamers feel the platforming is getting redundant.
  40. Weird, funny, immensely playable, and has that nigh-unclassifiable thing we can only call charm.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 66 Ratings

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  1. ChristopherH.
    Jul 7, 2007
    One of the top 3 greatest games I've ever played. And I don't like platformers.
  2. DanielP.
    May 26, 2007
    This is the best game i have ever played. It's not the longest, but it has great gameplay. If you dont like platforms you wont like it This is the best game i have ever played. It's not the longest, but it has great gameplay. If you dont like platforms you wont like it that much, but i absolutely LOVED it. Full Review »
  3. UweP.
    Oct 11, 2006
    Definitely overrated. Maybe because it's an 'underdog' of a game by Schafer, and people wanted it to be a return to form for Definitely overrated. Maybe because it's an 'underdog' of a game by Schafer, and people wanted it to be a return to form for him. It's just not anywhere close to delievering the clever humour and characterizations of, say, Grim Fandango. And, unfortunately, it does feel like a point'n'clicker shoehorned onto an average platformer. What ticks me off the most, though, is the amount of rubbish you have to collect. It's like Rare's worst platformers/collect 'em ups multiplied by ten. Full Review »