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  • Summary: Mastiff Games brings the popular dance pad arcade game Pump It Up to consoles with Pump It Up: Exceed. There are more than 100 songs to choose from and five levels of difficulty. You can unlock new content, like new songs and modifiers, which can adjust gameplay in a variety of ways. Pump It Up: Exceed has two-player modes with two mats and a one-player, two-mat mode. The Xbox version includes downloadable content, such as additional songs and a step editor that allows you to program your own song routines. Collapse
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  1. An extremely viable alternative to the otherwise monolithic DDR franchise.
  2. Exceed is much more difficult than the standard dance games. The difficulty ranking goes from normal to nightmare and all points in between.
  3. Despite the disturbing moniker and somewhat unintuitive front-end, the booty of this beast is a dancing joy. Clearly a step up and to the right from "DDR."
  4. To fans of the genre, it's stellar. It's got just over one hundred songs, each with their own backgroud videos, modes that test both your stamina and your composure, and more of what people have come to expect from dancing games.
  5. In Andamiro's Pump It Up: Exceed, the first US home edition of a popular Korean dancing series, we're finally presented with a good alternative to DDR.
  6. The new dance pad changes the mechanics of dance games a bit for the better even if it is a bit frustrating at times to keep your bearings while on the mat. Bring a spare shirt too because the action is frenzied and sweat is an assurance.
  7. Walk right past this title and pick up the latest version of "Dance Dance Revolution," for whatever system you like.

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  1. BillS.
    Sep 2, 2005
    This is one of the best purchases I've made recently. They claim its real dancing, and it is. I've played a fair amount of DDR but this is much, much better. I also love the music...both quantity and quality. The included mat is also pretty good, way better than I was expecting. If you like dancing games, you need to check this out! Expand
  2. VixL.
    Sep 19, 2005
    What can i say i have it and i enjoy it a lot, it has a lot of fun new things to play with.