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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 64 out of 69
  2. Negative: 1 out of 69
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  1. AceGamez
    There is a huge single player career to play through with a tremendous variety of locations and courses, the graphics are so good that no description could do them justice and the handling is perfect, making for a supremely enjoyable gaming experience.
  2. Playboy
    This must-have sequel includes more than 40 cars, 90 courses from Australia to the frozen North and, for the first time, online play. Amazing graphics provide plenty of scenery to chew up as you race over mountains, across deserts, and through the mud. [Apr 2004, p.38]
  3. 100
    Probably the best racer currently on the Xbox. While the game does have a few flaws here and there, if you have any interest in racing at all, don't look any further than this.
  4. Sim purists will still want to get their "Colin McRae" on, but those looking for a fun and challenging rally racer that bends the rules in favor of fun will want to make RSC 2 a permanent addition to their Xbox library.
  5. When the dust settles, RalliSport Challenge 2 is the best racing game that I have ever played. It combines awesome graphics with incredible gameplay.
  6. 96
    One of the greatest racing games I have ever played. it has a perfect balance between arcade and simulation. Combining breathtaking graphics, with incredible game play.
  7. It's easy to pick up, great to look at, and has plenty of variation to keep it interesting.
  8. The only glaring flaw throughout the entire title is the lack of a damage system that has actual consequences; meanwhile the rest of the game may as well serve as the benchmark that future rally racing game designers should aspire to.
  9. I love this game. There's just something about your car flipping end over end 5 or six times that brings a great big smile to my face! This is also the first racing game that I have actually saved a replay to the HDD because I had such an awesome wreck in it!
  10. It combines easy to play arcade racing with brilliant graphics, loads of variety and game play time, realistic sound, excellent multiplayer support and in depth car setup for those who wish to use it.
  11. The game's damage model has also been vastly improved.
  12. 95
    Barring the slight audio and Live issues, I have no qualms with RC 2.
  13. Having improved on virtually every aspect of the original, as well as adding 16-player Xbox Live support, RalliSport Challenge 2 (RC2) is set to move out of the basement and be this year's full-fledged off-road racing blockbuster.
  14. Rallisport Challenge 2 isn't just a sequel--it is easily one of the most purely pleasurable driving experiences you're likely to encounter on any platform.
  15. This is just a fantastic game and I hope people can look past its arcade racing roots.
  16. Those who struggled to get to grips with the original game will be delighted to know the handling has been rebalanced to allow for greater accessability.
  17. 93
    The end result is an engrossing racing experience - one which draws upon both the simulation and arcade ends of the racing spectrum and balances them perfectly in order to provide the most enjoyable rally racing experience on the Xbox.
  18. More cars, more tracks, more modes and some of the most impressive graphics the Xbox has ever produced.
  19. 93
    I haven't had this much fun playing a racer in a long time. Heck, my flatmate and I enjoyed it so much we went off and bought a new Xbox rather than be separated from the game when it came to time to return the box I'd borrowed to review this game on. It's that good.
  20. 92
    While the visuals and hefty number of cars stand out quickly, the first thing I noticed was the special attention developer DICE paid to tweaking the handling. Cars are now more responsive and there's a much greater sense of control overall.
  21. A fantastic racing experience. Its accomplishments and improvements over the original far out-shadow the game's minimal flaws.
  22. Rallisport Challenge 2 is bigger and better than any other rally game, leaving one simple equation - play this game or miss out on what could be the finest racer of 2004. [XBM]
  23. It is very simple to recommend this game to anybody that is a mid-level or below racing game fan. There is mucho gameplay content, great online playability and features, and amazing graphics encoded on the RalliSport Challenge disc, making it one of the more entertaining racing games for the Xbox.
  24. The best thing about it is the sheer lunatic speed of it all. Stick on the bumper view, slam on the throttle and see the world at a crazy pace. [GamesMaster]
  25. A ton of tracks and licensed cars, tight control, amazing graphics, stunning physics and a solid online component places Rallisport Challenge 2 out in front of the competition.
  26. Xbox Nation Magazine
    Don't let its sophistication scare you - at the end of the long, mud-splattered day, the game is above all else accessible and fun. [June 2004, p.94]
  27. GMR Magazine
    It's a great challenge, and it gets tough near the end - but the lead-up to this difficulty level is perfectly executed, and the amazing graphics, weather effects, and car crashes keep you entertained during the frustrating parts. [July 2004, p.88]
  28. If you come away unimpressed from playing RSC 2, we'd advise you to seek medical attention, because in 25 years of playing driving games no other title comes close to its startlingly lifelike environments, its impressively realistic yet fun handling system nor the overwhelming sense of fun that permeates the single player and most of all the multiplayer.
  29. It chooses not to innovate in the racing genre but smartens up its looks and sounds enough to look like an evolution.
  30. When you drive an autumnal rally in Britain with the leaves blowing up in your wake only to find that when raining, those now-wet leaves stick to the ground, turn into mulch and affect your vehicle's handling – you know that you're in the presence of a cracker.
  31. Not only is the gameplay superb but also the graphics are just drop-dead gorgeous.
  32. You're not gonna find a better rally racer on Xbox. You're not gonna find a better rally racer on GameCube, or even PlayStation 2.
  33. Official Xbox Magazine
    Almost every facet's been upgraded - and somehow it's faster and even more of a blast than the original. [June 2004, p.70]
  34. Improves on its predecessor's already-impressive showing, with the real clincher of its racing game greatness being the Xbox Live support, especially adding the ability to utilize XSN tournaments.
  35. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    It's rare to find a racer that's so easy to pick up and play - and so immediately addictnig. It's not a serious sim, but you'll be too busy enjoying yourself to care. [July 2004, p.102]
  36. 90
    Amazingly, this rally racer also happens to be the best-looking game on the Xbox. The car models are bleeding-edge realistic, with licensed decals and aftermarket streamlining. The collection of tracks is wildly diverse, with feet in nearly every continent.
  37. One of those rare games that can appeal to both the rally purist and the arcade racing fan.
  38. 90
    It transcends the traditionally obscure rally genre and becomes a game that anyone can enjoy, even if their idea of a good driving sim is "GTA III." It's the difference between a good game, in other words, and a truly great one, and the folks at DICE have made a truly great game here.
  39. While pure sim heads may be put off, Rallisport 2 will have plenty for veteran racing fans, as well as beginners. Without being overly complicated in the garage or on the track, Digital Eclipse has served up a pure racing experience.
  40. In addition to spectacular graphics, the sounds of Rallisport Challenge 2 really make it stand out. You'll hear everything in your car: the roar of the engine, the squeak of the stick shift, and the tires as they squeal around turns.
  41. 90
    Unlocking new skins for the more than 40 available cars on the 90-plus tracks will keep you busy.
  42. The tracks on offer in RalliSport Challenge 2 are, to put it simply, gorgeous.
  43. Hands down one of the best driving experiences you can have on the Xbox.
  44. Besides being one of the best Xbox racing titles, RSC 2 is right up there with anything else currently on the market.
  45. 90
    It's not a jaw-dropper in any way, but it is just lots of fun to drive.
  46. 90
    Aside from the damage, Rallisport 2's physics are impeccable, and a definite improvement over the first game.
  47. To be called the "PGR 2" of rally racing is quite some praise indeed, and that's exactly what Rallisport Challenge 2 is. Highly recommended.
  48. Purists will chastise RalliSport Challenge 2 for being a little too liberal with the physics and having too little depth in terms of customizing vehicles. For ninety percent of the gaming population, however, RalliSport Challenge 2 is a fine racing game. It sounds amazing. It looks great. It plays well.
  49. My eyes hurt, it's so beautiful. Microsoft ups the ante with the follow-up to its original RalliSport Challenge with more tracks, more cars, and more polygons. Way, WAY more polygons.
  50. Rallisport Challenge 2 should win the award as the best looking game on the Xbox. Its graphics are nothing short of amazing, but the audio package is typical for racing games.
  51. The graphics are superb and the sound is awesome. The game play is very deep and the types of races are an excellent assortment of race types.
  52. With such good multiplayer options, graphics and sound, it's a shame that the single-player portion of RalliSport Challenge 2 falters as much as it does.
  53. 83
    To sum it all up, it's hard not to like this game. It's fun, it's intense, and it's beautiful.
  54. It's also fun and offers excellent competition – practice and skill pay off – making it as addicting as it is beautiful.
  55. Play Magazine
    It's astonishingly detailed, wicked fun and the music streams non-stop to drive it all home. [June 2004, p.61]
  56. Weekly Famitsu
    8 / 8 / 8 / 8 - 32 gold [Vol 809; 18 June 2004]
  57. 80
    Then the corner was gone, and the car was still under perfect control. They had done it, they had managed to capture the powerslide.
  58. games(TM)
    Thankfully, the speed comes at the cost of realistic handling, allowing the player to rip around the tracks with maximum enjoyment and minimum frustration, making Rallisport 2 one of the few games that provides enjoyment even in defeat. [June 2004, p.104]
  59. Although Rallisport 2 meets all expectations and is more forgiving than a certain Codemasters title and everything is perfect there is still something missing and it is hard to put a finger on that ingredient! Perhaps it's the fact that aside from some excellent Xbox Live! support, Rallisport Challenge 2 doesn't try too hard to establish any new ideas to the franchise.
  60. The one bit of Live support that I was disappointed to see missing was that great feature in PGR2 that allowed you to post your time and compare it to others.
  61. It's arcade style handling makes it instantly accessible.
  62. Your hard-won mastery of the throttle and brake can mean the difference between surviving to the next stage or taking in the scenery from the bottom of a roadside ditch.
  63. 80
    We almost never find games that play as good as they look. But set a few friends in front of Rallisport Challenge 2 on the widescreen with the digital sound crashing, and they'll immediately be hooked not only by the A/V, but by the racing. For sheer playability, fun, and visual appeal most other models don't come anywhere close.
  64. netjak
    I had fun playing this and will be playing it for a while, but this game has nowhere near the amount of mass appeal that "Project Gotham Racing 2" has.
  65. Despite the addition of greater physical damage to your cars this time around, I rarely feared for my life, which is something I look forward to in a rally game. [June 2004, p.131]
  66. A quality title pitched to something of a niche audience, and a very successful sequel.
  67. Cheat Code Central
    For sheer variety RallySport 2 is hard to beat. It doesn't really do any one thing great but it dishes out liberal amounts of fun in arcade doses.
  68. Edge Magazine
    Like the first game, it remains a competent but ultimately restrained title. [June 2004, p.111]
  69. If you're a sim nut, avoid Rallisport Challenge 2 like the plague. After this review, I seriously can't see myself ever wanting to play this title again...If you like mindless trigger mashing and insane powerslides (even if they're artificially forced), then it's probably a 4/5 for you.

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Generally favorable reviews- based on 36 Ratings

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  1. Feb 7, 2017
    My Favourite racing game ever. Great campaign and driving physics are perfect. Wish they would do a third one although it will never happen. Shame....
  2. ChristopherS.
    Jan 21, 2008
    This visually stunning game offers little if any driving challenge. It is basically a pure arcade racer trying to pass itself off as This visually stunning game offers little if any driving challenge. It is basically a pure arcade racer trying to pass itself off as something else. The handling is so easy and unexciting that the experience quickly becomes tedious. The stages are beautiful, painterly even and everything moves quickly and smoothly. Full Review »
  3. Dave
    Dec 15, 2005
    60fps in-game, replays are just 30fps.. also the co-driver sounds awful, robotic and unrealistic, nothing like the original RSC or the Colin 60fps in-game, replays are just 30fps.. also the co-driver sounds awful, robotic and unrealistic, nothing like the original RSC or the Colin McRae series for example. The graphics are good in-game (but nothing earth shattering) and the gameplay is decent but again nothing mega special. The replays and co-driver spoil it for me - I'm surprised none of the glowing reviews mentioned these things!!? Full Review »