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  • Summary: Tear up the turf and put your driving skills to the test as you battle it out for the Race of Champions crown. Rally Fusion: The Race of Champions pushes off-road racing to the limit with realistic damage, cars, and tracks. In one of 20 vehicles, you and your co-driver will grind, drift, and slide through a variety of terrain. Nothing less than a world-class performance will get you through different terrain, changing weather conditions, and challenging competitions against the world's top motorsport drivers. Expand
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  1. A few blemishes aside, there are just too many fun race modes to participate in.
  2. 78
    The floaty feel of your car, along with the wacky physics keep the game from being any deeper than a petri dish, but it can enjoyed in brief spurts.
  3. It's certainly an interesting take and one that hasn't been featured in very many video games.
  4. A deep, gorgeous, somewhat alternative view of the Rally genre, Climax Motorsports' Rally Fusion has a lot going for it. [Jan 2003, p.78]
  5. RF’s biggest speed bump on its way past Mediocrity Street is the hard-to-figure-out license and Race of Champions mode.
  6. As an arcade racer set in the rally universe, this ain't half bad. [Feb/Mar 2003, p.87]
  7. 40
    While being well-coded, it just doesn't offer the excitement which should come with the Race of Champions.

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