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  1. If you have only a passing interest in golf you might want to pass on this one but if you can't get enough of this popular pastime then you'll definitely want to join the club.
  2. Hands-down, the Gametrak system provides the most realistic home experience of the sport, even if the game itself isn't revolutionary.
  3. Once you get past the self-consciousness of waving your arms around with a midget-sized club, you quickly realize how much fun the game is. [May 2006, p.81]
  4. 79
    On a rainy day when the muni-course is closed, Real World Golf is an affordable and fun golf experience by yourself or with your golfing buddies.
  5. Just to clarify, Real World Golf is a tool, an electronic golf instructor with a game tacked on to let you explore and perfect the various nuances to your personal golf stance and swing. If you go into this game thinking it's the next big golf title you will be sorely disappointed.
  6. Real World Golf is stout enough in basic gameplay mechanics to make the entire package worth it, especially if you're and avid golf fan.
  7. The putting mechanics aren't up to par and the game isn't going to blow anyone away in terms of presentation, but if you're a golf fan that would rather swing a club, even a mini one at that, as opposed to pushing a few buttons or moving an analog stick around, you very well might want to consider taking a hack at Real World Golf.
  8. While the Gametrak is a techno marvel, it's the video game portion that still needs work.
  9. It's truly everybody's game - if you can swing a stick, you can play this (even if you're a lefty). It's perfect for parties, or for players willing to trade next-gen graphics and fancy options for the chance to swing a club instead of button mashing.
  10. While it certainly is not a replacement for getting out on the course, nor will you learn the same valuable lessons that you would from a Golf Pro, it is real enough to call Real World Golf, well, real and, more importantly, fun.
  11. For the casual gamer, you may want to steer clear of this as the learning curve is nearly as frustrating as golfing in real life.
  12. Once you get past the novelty, there's nothing to keep you playing Real World Golf.
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  1. SteveH.
    May 22, 2006
    I am very interesting by new technology in the world of the game. Gametrak forms part of my favorit. RealWorldGolf is very impressive for its precision. I highly advise this play for all those which like the golf. Full Review »
  2. MitchM.
    Apr 14, 2006
    This is MORE like a SIM than a game...if you want to play Tiger Woods, play TW...if you want to play the closest thing to real golf in your livingroom, play Real World might just IMPROVE your game! Full Review »