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  • Summary: Samurai Shodown V is a port of the classic NeoGeo arcade fighting game of the same name. In this fifth installment, you can play as one of dozens of animated Japanese characters to discover combos and special moves. The port adds online support to the usual Arcade and Versus modes, so you can challenge other gamers or create an online tournament. Expand
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  1. With 26 characters to play with, even if some of them are completely worthless, Samurai Shodown V is a quality 2D fighter from a developer that usually knows its way around a quality 2D fighter.
  2. If you like fighting games and are looking for a very light-hearted not overly dramatic fighting experience, then you should check out Samurai Shodown V because it offers just that.
  3. This 2D fighting game is a real blast from the past, but its big cast of fairly interesting characters and its online play can make it worthwhile for NeoGeo fans.
  4. A game for those who think they don't make 'em like they used to, but should, Shodown is an exact replica of the classic arcade fighter.
  5. But this classic weapons-based fighting series has lost much of its soul. While the original cast moves as fluidly as ever, the newer faces are the epitome of mediocre design and animation. Luckily, Xbox Live saves the day.
  6. I am not usually one to judge a game based on its graphics, but it is unforgivable to have a game look this bad so late in the Xbox's life cycle.
  7. A tutorial or "How to Play" movie would've gone a long way here. Instead newcomers are left fumbling in the dark, which tends to be more frustrating than fun.

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