Scooby-Doo! Unmasked Xbox


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  1. Positive: 2 out of 15
  2. Negative: 1 out of 15
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  1. Unmasked surely won't blow anyone away, however THQ and developer A2M have produced a fun and accessible title here that uses its license to near flawless effects, and they deserve a lot of credit.
  2. Challenging enough for younger gamers, and entertaining enough for the old timers, Scooby Doo! Unmasked has a little something for everyone. Certainly not the best title in its genre, but a solid attempt.
  3. The game's soundtrack has that typical upbeat music found in so many kid-marketed games. Though it is slightly repetitive and a bit annoying after a while, it does fit the game well.
  4. 69
    Simplistic or not, moving Scooby about the environments and platforming is still fun enough and the title's unique costume element definitely breaks up the monotony.
  5. The awful camera and lack of diversity within each level is where the game really falls flat here. It's so bad that it gets in the way of the action and thus ruins the best platform bits in the game.
  6. Certainly the most accomplished version from the Scooby franchise to date. It might be based on familiar platforming territory but it doesn't stop this particular outing from being as fresh and enjoyable as the first episode in 1969. That is of course, if you do not expect that much.
  7. Official Xbox Magazine
    This game should appeal to any Scooby-Doo fan, as well as anyone looking for a low-rent, low-impact platforming workout. [Nov 2005, p.131]
  8. A bogstandard platformer that'll strike a chord with younger gamers, though not a lot of others. [Official UK Xbox Magazine]
  9. 60
    The boss battles will have you shrieking in frustration. Not that they are very difficult mind you, it's just that they seem to drag on much longer than they should.
  10. The perfect title to rent if you are a younger gamer. You can get through it on a weekend, and have a pretty satisfying and rewarding time playing it.
  11. As a game, it's nothing special--just a mediocre platformer stuffed with all of the usual platforming elements. In terms of storytelling and presentation, however, Unmasked grabs the imagination and delights the senses easily as much as a feature-length version of the cartoon show would.
  12. AceGamez
    Parents could confidently buy this for their children, safe in the knowledge that the content is suitable as well as enjoyable.
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  1. FredJ.
    Jul 28, 2007
    This was the third video game my 6 yr old son completed. He loved it. It quickly made him forget about Lego Star Wars 1 & 2 games. The game This was the third video game my 6 yr old son completed. He loved it. It quickly made him forget about Lego Star Wars 1 & 2 games. The game is fun for son and Dad. Only one player at a time. Unforgiving in that failure takes you back a long way. True to Scooby-Doo voices and themes. Safe for kids. Scooby-doing kung-fu is hilarious. Full Review »