Mixed or average reviews - based on 34 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 17 out of 34
  2. Negative: 1 out of 34
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  1. AceGamez
    An absolute blast in every respect! It looks and sounds fantastic, the action is virtually non-stop and the combination of varied level designs and scenery, masses of different enemies and usage of vehicles and turrets keeps things feeling fresh and interesting from start to finish.
  2. Add in the co-op mode, and it comes down to the fact that if you've ever liked any first-person shooter, you should pick up Serious Sam II.
  3. Play Magazine
    When it comes to balls-to-the-wall kitchen sink FPSs, Sam is the man. [Dec 2005, p.66]
  4. 85
    This is mindless, cartoony fun, like a cool breeze blowing through your video game collection.
  5. The bottom line is that this game is a lot of fun, does what it sets out to do with ease and I'm sure you'll find yourselves going back to this again and again if you get hold of it, especially if you can talk your mates into buying it too.
  6. 80
    The endless fragfest that is Serious Sam II occasionally runs the risk of becoming monotonous. What saves the title is the endless variety of enemies that come your way and the intense challenge that they offer.
  7. Nothing but a serious disappointment... It just about manages to cover all the criteria but nothing feels as though Croteam have stretched the barrel – in many cases they feel surprisingly weaker then its predecessor.
  8. Simplistic and silly stuff but the OTT action and daft characters make this a slice of sheer shooting bliss. [Xbox World]
  9. Serious Sam II is a handful. It may be more action than you bargained for. If you're not interested in the online mode then rent it first but be warned you may not finish it in one weekend.
  10. While it isn't exactly a deep or story-driven tour de force, it is pure mindless fun and incredibly addictive.
  11. One of those rare games that, although in reality, is no more than a bog-standard shooter, somehow manages to still seem fresh and innovative. More to the point, it's brilliant fun to play. [Official UK XBox Magazine]
  12. If you're up for some old school arcade blasting flavour that you've got to savour with your neighbour Serious Sam's your man. Go buy and have some serious fun.
  13. 80
    The controls are tight, the action is fierce, and the game is funny. And for only 40 bucks, that's definitely A Good Thing.
  14. Game Informer
    After a while, slaughtering endless waves of enemies gets a bit tiresome. Still, it's a fun way to let off a little steam, and it doesn't take itself too seriously. [Nov 2005, p.148]
  15. A competent and enjoyable blaster and a great way to while away some time with friends. It's far from sophisticated, but does strive – and largely succeeds – to keep things fun.
  16. Official Xbox Magazine
    Serves up a piping hot platter of punishment, free of the FPS cliche's that mire other titles. [Dec 2005, p.115]
  17. A great game for what it is! Sam doesn't try to be all fancy and keeps us basic with a theory of "tape the finger to the controller and kill em' all".
  18. Mindless gameplay could be making its final appearance on the beleaguered Xbox, so players who relish the opportunity at sending a bunch of empty-headed hooligans to an early grave would be wise to shell out for the ticket price.
  19. Serious Sam 2 may be a pun prickling pap of a sequel, but it delivers exactly what it promises –mindless action and plenty of it. It's got guns, several shiny things to ogle over, and a cavalcade of monster scum to slaughter. But its slapstick humor alone cannot save this game from its incessant repetitiveness and less than innovative gameplay; albeit it is executed rather well.
  20. This one is fun and a blast to get out your frustrations, but the fun seems to stop sooner than I would have liked.
  21. Edge Magazine
    Few other FPS titles can match the intensity of this nitrous-charged shooting gallery, but plenty of them offer the kind of less that feels like much, much more. [Nov 2005, p.104]
  22. 70
    While the graphics may not stand up to today's best on Xbox, and the level design may suffer from quite a few flaws, the sheer thrill of seeing the end-of-level kill total push its way into the hundreds after a hectic half-an-hour's blast can't be beat.
  23. The bottom line is that if you can overlook the mind numbing repetition and you're looking for a FPS with non-stop brainless action and a quirky sense of humor, than SSII is for you.
  24. A linear yet fun experience and whilst it will not win awards for being complex in any way, and this includes the simple story; it does get the job done in an old school way.
  25. 70
    At times the gameplay can be a bit repetitive, and the humour isn't as successful as you'd hope, but if you're after more of the same then you'll feel right at home with Serious Sam II.
  26. A good choice for gamers who want a pick up and play session of shooting without needing extended involvement, and a fine choice for fans of the series.
  27. 70
    Serious Sam II is packed with simplistic, repetitive shooting. It's not for players who want to think, or even do more than twitch. But for anyone longing for a good old-fashioned shooter with a few modern capabilities, this is the game.
  28. 70
    You couldn't ask for a more unapologetically insane FPS. Turn off your brain, turn on auto-fire, and get serious.
  29. Serious Sam II has a lot of levels and a few good laughs, but its simple shooting action is less likely to get your adrenaline pumping as it is to make you go numb.
  30. games(TM)
    It's to Croteam's credit that Serious Sam II manages to stay interesting for as long as it does, thanks to the weird enemy design and tight levels keeping the pace from slacking. [Dec 2005, p.112]
  31. Just as monotonous as the last game.
  32. Admittedly, the assorted firepower offers little excitement, but the experience is convincingly upbeat thanks to the game's droll sense of humour.
  33. The first Serious Sam was tongue-in-cheek but this sequel crosses the line into obnoxiousness.
  34. Maybe I'd be a bit more forgiving of this game if it also managed to maintain the original's $20 price point, but I can't see any reason to pay full price for this poorly rehashed shooter.

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Mixed or average reviews- based on 12 Ratings

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  1. Apr 5, 2017
    Un moteur 3D pas trop mal et une maniabilité sans reproche mais des décors de dessin animé gnan-gnan, des ennemis stupides et un caractèreUn moteur 3D pas trop mal et une maniabilité sans reproche mais des décors de dessin animé gnan-gnan, des ennemis stupides et un caractère lancinant très marqué. Faut être complètement pété pour jouer plus d'un quart d'heure d'affilée à un truc pareil. Full Review »
  2. AdamC.
    Nov 15, 2005
    This is simply a fantastic shooter with lots of on screen action, with great looking enemies & cool level design. This game is just lots of This is simply a fantastic shooter with lots of on screen action, with great looking enemies & cool level design. This game is just lots of over the top, non stop fun. A Seriously great game. Full Review »
  3. FPSMaster
    Oct 18, 2005
    Nice old-school first person shooting action. It has really good graphics with a nice draw distance and very, very little pop-up. Tons of Nice old-school first person shooting action. It has really good graphics with a nice draw distance and very, very little pop-up. Tons of characters on screen at once with little slowdown, but oddly, it will slowdown at other times when nothing's going on. The weapons are definately old school type, meaning everything is big, bulky and made to destroy everything in it's path. There's no split screen multiplayer at all, but if you see the graphics on the back of the case you'll know why. It's not Doom 3, but it's still so good there's no way it would have worked in split screen without sending the framerates to the grave. Online is weird though. There's only co-op. This games is screaming for some kind of deathmatch or capture the flag, but I guess Croteam didn't want to spend time balancing out the weapons(which are highly unbalanced with the shotgun being able to snipe...seriously) and making extra maps for it since the regular campaign is already about 40 BIG levels. Not really worth $40 since the other ones were only $20, so I suggest either trading in some stuff you no longer play or renting it for 5 days, but nothing less than 5 days because you will not finish it quickly. Like one of the pro reviewers said, it's almost too much at times. There's just so much going on you will be overwhelmed from the get go from not only the number of enemies, but how quickly they move around and how enourmous they are (some are the size of skyscrapers!!!). But that's the point of a game like this and the point has been well made by Croteam. It also has tons of hidden stuff to find thrughout the levels, and I can guarantee you without a strategy guide you will not find them all. Good job Croteam, but give us some kind of human versus human next time. Full Review »