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  • Summary: Showdown: Legends of Wrestling features more than 70 of the greatest wrestlers throughout history. Send your favorite wrestlers to the squared circle for bone-breaking matches, including Table, First Blood, Ladder, Cage, and Battle Royal. Create dream matches, unlock classic feuds, and customize your own wrestler. You'll travel down the path of pain in the new era-based career mode. If you can master the new Ready-To-Brawl controls, you'll be prepared to take on the icons of professional wrestling. Expand
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  1. But it's the wrestling side that has really been beefed up. A new control system finally makes the action flow back and forth like only wrestling can. Plus the controls are easy to learn and get you into the thick of the action fast, pulling off fancy moves.
  2. When will Acclaim learn, and design a wrestling game more like "Def Jam Vendetta"? Imagine if you combined that imaginative play technique with good old fashioned wrestling?
  3. The best of the Legends bunch, but Showdown – a title packed with potential – is a disappointing letdown.
  4. 60
    The gameplay is uglier than Paul Bearer in the nude.
  5. The missing tag instructions, flawed control system, serious lack of a story and the number of glitches in this game should be embarrassing for Acclaim.
  6. It pains me to say this, because I was looking forward to the game, but it needs to be said. Move along folks - there is nothing to see here.
  7. It's undeniably cool to pick your favorite wrestlers from yesteryear, but as soon as the actual gameplay kicks in, the lack of attention given to this title quickly chills all those warm fuzzies.

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