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  • Summary: Get ready for a fun adventure filled with cartoon combat. In Sneakers, you play Apollo, a mouse who must lead his friends through a human-sized town to battle the enemy. You must protect your troops by directing their actions and throwing wind-up punches and flying kicks. While your small size lets you take shortcuts through small holes in the wall, it also makes a rolling apple as dangerous as a tumbling boulder. Only those with cunning and quick minds can leave victoriously. Expand
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  1. A bizarrely conceived, thinly veiled pseudo point-and-click adventure with some very simplistic fighting sequences. [Jan 2003, p.80]
  2. The shame is that the lousy and simplistic gameplay takes away from the fact that this is actually a nice-looking Xbox title.
  3. 35
    A game rife with control problems and uninspired gameplay.
  4. It's tedious, frustrating, poorly designed, lacks any sort of graphical flair, and is all but guaranteed to induce boredom within the first ten minutes, never mind the approximately two hours it takes to finish the game.
  5. Everything is low quality and repetitive, you'll throw the game down in a number of minutes.
  6. All of that may appeal to very young kids of roughly the same age as Barney's fans, but playing the game is another matter. Any child old enough to hold a controller has outgrown the concepts here.
  7. 8
    Pretend the game is the plague and avoid it at all costs.

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