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Mixed or average reviews - based on 33 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 33
  2. Negative: 6 out of 33
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  1. AceGamez
    Sonic Riders doesn't boast too many tracks, nor does it have an online mode, which is a shame, but a bit of unique futuristic racing with familiar faces is what I'm after these days, and Sonic Riders delivers on that front hands down.
  2. An engaging arcade racing game that brings along a host of unique new gameplay twists and turns that distinguish it from the score of other similar titles.
  3. It's certainly not perfect, but it is definitely playable and enjoyable. Again, my biggest complaint is the pits...pitstop that is. At any rate it's a far site better than the recently released Shadow the Hedgehog game.
  4. The biggest problem is that there is no online gameplay. And for the more experienced and hardcore adult gamer, this game will get boring very quick[ly].
  5. Both the environments and characters move fast, but while this is flashy and fun at first, it doesn't show the greatest legs for a long shelf life.
  6. Play Magazine
    SR is packed with mostly quirky nuances that take time(and a little frustration)to master, often resulting in races being determined by track memorization as much as mastery of your particular racer's strength's and weaknesses as they pertain to each wild ride. [Apr 2006, p.63]
  7. Sonic Riders takes the racing formula and adds its own spin on things which results in a quirky, entertaining title that should not only appeal to sonic fans but racing fans as well who are looking to test their skills on other forms of transport, albeit fictitious ones!
  8. Sonic Riders can occasionally be quite entertaining, but too many of those entertaining moments are overridden by bouts of frustration and weak mechanics.
  9. Pelit (Finland)
    Sonic, the cutest hedgehog in the world is no more. The cobalt blue creature in Sonic Riders is a cheap copy of a third rate Sunday morning anime hero. The game is not much fun either. The wonderful Sonic speed is there, but that does not suffice for more than a few days of air board riding. [April 2006]
  10. Racing is quite fun with its simple trick system, fast sense of speed, and the cool turbulence riding mechanics. However, the constant monitoring and replenishing of the air meter drags the game down quite a bit.
  11. 64
    It's not as bad as Shadow the Hedgehog (thank god) and is hopefully a step in the right direction for a character that continues to be stuck in a bit of a rut.
  12. And with no incentives to replay, minimal tracks to master, and simple gameplay that is made difficult with faulty controls, Sonic Riders is best left to the kids and our blue hedgehog needs to return to his tennis shoe roots.
  13. 62
    Sonic is one of the fastest videogame mascots alive, so why has he been made to ride a sluggish snowboard in this new racer?
  14. While not the deepest racer, the game has speedy thrills and frantic multiplayer action that help bring Sonic's usual racing antics and signature speed to the sky.
  15. 55
    Sonic is back for yet another racing inspired adventure that is plagued with annoyances the likes of which will more than likely drive you mad out of pure frustration.
  16. 55
    Sonic Riders is simply a weak attempt to cash in on the popular Sonic brand with a bare bones racer that simply does everything to the "average" degree.
  17. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Sure, you've got to pull off a few tricks here and there to keep up your momentum, but "SSX" it ain't. [Apr 2006, p.96]
  18. Sonic fans may fill their need for speed here, but everyone else, please walk on.
  19. For the most part, it's overly complicated, and dominated by things designed to stop it being fluid and exciting.
  20. games(TM)
    There is little depth to the control of the boards, and we don't see why this shouldn't have been an on-foot racer. [Apr 2006, p.106]
  21. Game Informer
    The general feeling this game conveys is confusion and chaos, akin to being flushed down a jet-powered toilet. [Apr 2006, p.118]
  22. Official Xbox Magazine
    Forget pushing game design forward--Sonic Riders doesn't attempt to do anything particularly new or inventive on the mascot-racing circuit and offers up only short-lived fun tailored strictly for Sonic's most diehard fans; [Apr 2006, p.85]
  23. So to the folks at Sonic Team I say this, give me the Sonic that I fell in love with way back in the day, hell, even the Sonic from Sonic Heroes is much closer to what I want from my blazing blue buddy, but don't sell him short.
  24. 50
    Sonic Riders certainly gives fans the velocity they've been craving, but isn't tightly tuned enough to be much more than an agreeable party game.
  25. 50
    If you or a kid you know loves Sonic, this game will suit your purposes just fine. If you don't love Sonic, but love any racing title you can get, then check it out. If you don't fall into either of those categories, then we're sure you're probably not even reading this review.
  26. It offers interesting gameplay mechanics and a ton of modes, but the pieces don't fit together well, making this mascot racer better suited for a weekend drag race than a 500 lap cruise.
  27. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    Overall, though, with its fundamentally flawed handling, glitchy physics and a tendency for the game to just play itself, Sonic Riders is a huge disappointment. [April 2006, p.84]
  28. As part of the Sonic universe, the game offers tons of fun unlockables like movies and new racing environments, and the rings buy you more Extreme Gear... which makes no discernible impact on the game.
  29. Edge Magazine
    It's just not accurate or tangible enough to be rewarding, handling with the same kind of wool as Sonic's 3D platformers. [Apr 2006, p.93]
  30. 30
    How and why the company continues to churn out such rubbish is a mystery, and even the biggest Sonic fans must be starting to lose their patience.
  31. For absolute diehard Sonic fans only (and even then it shouldn't be played)
  32. Computer Games Magazine
    But this isn't so much a racing game as a slapdash splash of smeared color that never quite captures the feeling of hurtling down a track. [Jun 2006, p.92]

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