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  • Summary: SpyHunter: Nowhere to Run takes the Spy Hunter franchise where it's never gone before: on foot. Featuring action superstar Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson as government super-spy extraordinaire Alex Decker, players for the first time ever can step out of the Interceptor and straight into third-person action, utilizing The Rock's physical prowess by taking down enemies with intense melee combat moves. In Nowhere to Run, the evil NOSTRA corporation returns, this time with a plan to steal the latest government technology including the world's most sophisticated spy vehicle, the Interceptor, and it's up to Alex to stop them. Collapse
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  1. Unfortunately the execution just wasn't quite there.
  2. I would love to see another installment with this alternating on-foot/on and off-road style - but it would have to balance things out better between the two styles, and feature a lot of enhancements to the on-foot areas. As it is, players are left with a very exciting driving game and a fairly lifeless 3D adventure game.
  3. 60
    The true strength of Nowhere to Run is built into its pick-up-and-play nature. It gets straight to the action, wasting no time indulging in slow-motion cinematic cut-scenes during battle sequences.
  4. Its control system is weak, the gameplay mechanics are basic and repetitive and The Rock is woefully underused.
  5. With more time and polish, Nowhere to Run could have shown that Spy Hunter can move beyond the car, but for now, The Interceptor is still the more interesting main character.
  6. That "been there, done that" feeling comes more often than not, whether it's the cheesy bond-like story line and action sequences, the 'burnout' like stunt scenes, or simply the fact that this doesn't really feel like Spy Hunter at all, with the exception of a few race points.
  7. Please don't do any more games like this, The Rock. You deserve better. [Nov. 2006, p.130]

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  1. JoelS.
    Aug 23, 2006
    With my perfessional opinion, I would have to say that this game is the best! The babes are very fine too!
  2. Mar 2, 2012
    Other terrible game, I can do a list of the problems on Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run: 1. The Gameplay, 2. The Story, 3. The Camera, 4. The Missions, 5. The Character. And I can continue, but this game is not good is terrible, and what is the reason for The Rock appear in the title?. Expand