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  • Summary: SSX Tricky launches you into a world of monster air, intense tracks, and death-defying tricks. Six all-new competitors plus six riders from the original SSX make up the circuit. Compete in the World Circuit, go head-to-head in the Showoff versions of nine courses on the World Circuit, or just practice in Free Ride. With all-new Garibaldi and Valdez courses, you'll have plenty of huge cliff drops to catch big air and pull off Uber tricks. Expand
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  1. There really isn't much that I can find with the game that is wrong, or even remotely wrong, other than Eddie. There isn't a reason to have hair that big and that orange in any type of game.
  2. SSX Tricky has amazing graphics, hands down. There aren’t any weather effects in the game, but that’ll hardly be noticed with the amazing level design and diverse textured backgrounds.
  3. 90
    Taking advantage of the space on that the DVD allows you to have, there’s a lot of information that can be viewed in terms of the making of the game. You’ll see some famous stars such as Oliver Platt and David Arquette talk about lending their voices to the game.
  4. It is the best version around, but it’s because the game is just so much fun that people should pick this one up. If you’ve own the PS2 version or have played it before, there’s not much point.
  5. The environments, characters and challenges all come together to form an excellent game which almost anyone will enjoy to play.
  6. But what really makes SSX Tricky a great reissue is the trick system. Before, where squatting in preparation to jump locked you into a straight line, now you can turn when using the analog stick.
  7. A slapdash port of a PlayStation 2 game ported across simply to cash in on a total cow of a licence.

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  1. MikeL.
    Feb 8, 2003
  2. AdamN.
    Jul 5, 2002
    The uber tricks are unreal.
  3. Nov 16, 2011
    SSX Tricky... It's by no means a simulation game, but it is definitely enjoyable. I remember spending many hours topping high scores, competing with my siblings, and trying to complete the "campaign" as fast as possible to unlock all the boards and costumes. This over-the-top snowboarding game nails it on so many levels. Expand
  4. Pecetpocot
    Jul 25, 2003
    Wow...ok i guess to play on Xbox live!!