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  2. Negative: 2 out of 20
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  1. It's easily the best AI experience you'll find in a console poker title, so if you're dying to pick one up, definitely go with this one.
  2. With too little in the way of additional options, it becomes almost a chore to play this game for the non-enthusiast. However, Stacked has its merits, especially as a tutorial, so it is worth a try for those interested in Texas Hold 'Em and all of its different intricacies.
  3. 50
    Unfortunately, similar products have been around for years now, and unless you're not old enough to play competitive poker on an online gambling site (most of which offer free games as well), it's hard to justify picking this one up.
  4. Probably because when compared to the likes of World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour, even Hello Kitty: Poker Party would look like gold. Stacked is better than that fictitious mess, I think, and might be worth a rental if you'd like to see some decent poker-sim A.I.
  5. The market may be over-saturated, but Stacked has the right hooks to attract the serious players and newbie learners alike.
  6. 60
    When poker has almost been debased by constant media attention and excessive bandwagoneering, a game like Stacked is refreshing.
  7. Official Xbox Magazine
    A seriously clunky interface, on-demand advice from Negreanu that alternates between canny and staggeringly bad, and unimpressive graphics provide no saving graces. [Aug 2006, p.77]
  8. If stacked wants to play with the big boys, it needs to bring more to the table.
  9. Two things work against Stacked in the end. One, while the computer AI is great, whoever is dealing the cards needs to be looked into by the gaming commission. And it says "Halo With Chips" on the back, which gives the game higher expectations than it should. Being that I am really enjoying playing Texas Hold'em both in video games and in real life, I wanted to like Stacked. Unfortunately there are just too many other Poker games out there that are better, even with less realistic AI.
  10. Until you've decided and played your hand, the Pokibot is extremely slow. If you're used to Internet Hold'em play, this game seems quite boring.
  11. Stacked could benefit from more polish and deeper player customization (no, we don't want to look fat and balding, even if we are), but its actual gameplay is solid, and the creepy I'm-watching-you-so-I-can-destroy-you vibe can only help your real-world strategy.
  12. Hmmm, I guess in the catalog of poker games that are on the market, Stacked does manage to be one of the best when it comes to its thinking opponent system and the inclusion of Negreanu himself, putting some personal touches on the product.
  13. If you're old enough to play online for nothing, why spend $30 for an ugly interface and weak action?
  14. Overall, Stacked is a mixed bag of experience.
  15. 70
    Overall, Stacked is a great poker game that could have been better. Granted, that would have meant more delays, but the overall package is well worth the price.
  16. If you want Texas Hold 'Em, there are plenty of other ways to get it. This game may have been alright had it been released even a year ago. As it is, Stacked just falls flat inthe face of the competition.

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  1. JB
    Jun 3, 2006
    The IGN review is dead on. This game was delayed and delayed for a reason: It's not very good. It doesn't matter how strong the The IGN review is dead on. This game was delayed and delayed for a reason: It's not very good. It doesn't matter how strong the poki engine is, the user interface is awful, not to mention the overall gameplay and poor online setup. Reminds me of a car with a Porsche engine but a Yugo body. Full Review »