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  1. Note to self: When a good Superman game finally comes out, see if the Captain can do that "around the world to go back in time" thing from Superman II so he can bring me a copy NOW!
  2. After the thrill of flying around Metropolis wears off, Superman Returns is nothing more than a below-average, repetitive movie tie-in that doesn't even do the movie tie-in part well.
  3. Think of Superman Returns as an insanely boring exercise in flying from one end of Metropolis to the other -- non-stop and for 10 hours -- while waiting for the next "battle 10 robots" or "battle eight dragons" or "battle six radioactive gargoyles" button-mashing sequence to ensue.
  4. Oddly enough, the music sounds quite good, with orchestrated ditties that are downright inspiring. Too bad the rest of the game inspires nothing but an urge to power off your console.
  5. It may flesh out the recent movie, but on Xbox, it feels like a picked-over meal. [Feb. 2007, p.78]
  6. Superman Returns: The Videogame is an embarrassment to video games, not to mention the Superman franchise, and is a new low for the quality of movie tie-ins.
  7. A making-of documentary on how such a precious franchise was so flagrantly mishandled would be far more entertaining than anything the game has to offer.
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  1. DaveM.
    Dec 31, 2006
    I'm not really sure if these reviewers are playing the same game that I am -- I thought the graphics were nice, the audio was good, and the controls and playability all good. It's a fun game, and it really captures the feel of Superman. I like how they handled the whole question of playing an invincible hero by tying in your success or failure to the health of the city. Nice touch. Full Review »