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  • Summary: Tak must learn new Juju magic to recover the Staff of Dreams and defeat Tlaloc once and for all. Now dabbling with new abilities, Tak can create a little Juju magic of his own. As Tak, try to master three new Jujus, expanded combat capabilities, and new weapons as you battle Nightmare creatures. Interact with familiar characters from the series, along with Jibolba's brother, JB. Multiplayer "Dinky" games let you face off in head-to-head action with playable characters from Tak's world. Expand
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  1. Although the "saving a princess" theme maybe overused, the story itself is well told and original with bits of humor scattered in.
  2. The colorful visuals, well-paced gameplay and smart dialog came as a bit of a shock. Even more surprising was the part where I kept playing, not because I had to review it, but because I wanted to.
  3. 80
    GameBiz is confident to suggest this title as a purchase for any gamer aged between the ages of eight and twelve.
  4. The mini-games were without question added to increase the replay value of this game and they did such to at least some degree. I admit they are kind of fun and it is cool that they added them I guess I just would rather play one of my other multiplayer centric games instead.
  5. 70
    Combines great gameplay with entertaining characters and extremely pretty visuals for a surprisingly fun gaming experience.
  6. Not only does it provide great comical overtones and a worthy quest, it also has some neat sub-stages and mini-games to occupy your time.
  7. But beyond the odd wild ride on the back of a beast, negotiating the levels is a tame affair. This could prove frustrating for some, as the level of difficulty is often unbalanced.

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