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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 17 out of 28
  2. Negative: 1 out of 28
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  1. The best of the Test Drive series and a personal favorite. The game is realistic in execution. The music rocks. The gameplay is a blast.
  2. This is the home of gritty dirt race tracks, rusty colored Buicks, and mullet sporting racers. Then again, when the emphasis is on destruction rather then racing, you shouldn’t expect "Project Gotham" style race cars.
  3. Takes the Test Drive franchise in a new direction, moving from road races to no-holds-barred, collision-friendly racing and demolition derby-style events.
  4. You might want to keep a baseball bat handy to maintain order if more than four people are in attendance, as nobody will want to give up a controller and there is always a high probability of violence ensuing over who gets to play next.
  5. Just when racing sims got too deep and repetitive, Monster Games has given us an arcade game that makes being white trash fun. Demolition derby has never been so entertaining and certainly never this addictive.
  6. One thing that’s subtle-yet-striking is that you can tell the difference when you hit someone and when you’re getting being hit by the way the screen shakes.
  7. 85
    If you get three other players involved and a nice warm bottle of Mad Dog or a fifth of Ripple for the discerning 'neck, you’re looking at days of game play.
  8. The game's original atmosphere and crazy events are a lot of fun to play, and you'll find yourself itching to play it some more as soon as your buddies come back.
  9. Official Xbox Magazine
    It's about beautifully crisp handling, absorbing gameplay that rewards both finesse and testosterone, and a relentless stream of holy-four-letter-word moments of automotive annihilation. [Dec 2004, p.96]
  10. It’s been too long since gamers have been able to enjoy the simple pleasures of a destruction derby and Eve of Destruction does a bang up job of making up for it.
  11. Although you might have a few so-so races, when you have the good ones… wow! They are intense, fun and full of the mojo.
  12. Drivables—from hearses to school buses to muscle cars—all handle differently, but their arcade-style ease nicely compliments an overall dumb-ass experience that’s as fun as getting a bellyful of corn liquor and chasing a greased piglet.
  13. 80
    Bears the gift of immense replayability, lending itself to quick, low-commitment gameplay sessions.
  14. The lack of online play knocks this down the list of racing games coming out this year, but if you find yourself playing a ton of split-screen, this game is right for you.
  15. Game Informer
    The racing genre has been loking for a new hook for a while now, and I htink that Monster has started its own fun method of mayhem. [Oct 2004, p.123]
  16. While there is nothing particularly wrong with it, it just doesn’t do much beyond what is expected in terms of actual gameplay.

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#72 Most Discussed Xbox Game of 2004
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  1. JJDadd
    Dec 1, 2004
    I've been a fan of racing games since a long time ago. I'm more into simulation than arcade, but I check everything in the market, I've been a fan of racing games since a long time ago. I'm more into simulation than arcade, but I check everything in the market, from the nice Burnout series, Driver, GT3, GTA... even to the amazing and realistic GTR. I remember discovering a game called Destruction Derby. Perhaps ut was a little limited but... I love it! It was very fun. I've been looking for another racing game like DD since them. DD2 was different, must faster but it lost the "magic" of the first one... I though that perhaps Flatout was the GAME... but no. Test Drive: Eve of Destruction is one of the funniest racing games I've ever played! And it is not only about the fun factor. It's about everything: the phisics of the cars is amazing, every car fells different. It is an arcade, of course, but it has some "real touch" that get you in. The graphics are nice. And the history is cool. I found that in a lot of reviews people say that there is no sense of speed. This game is not about sense of speed. If you want speed get Burnout 3, or even FlatOut. This game is about be in the middle of 10 cars and see a jump 100m ahead of you... them you step on the the gas and hit the car next to you, just a second before jumping. And them see in the mirror how 4 cars, flying, crash and roll behind you!. If you loved Destruction Derby missing this game will be an error. Let this game a rent and you will be surprise :) Its a perfect combination Full Review »
  2. EdM.
    Nov 8, 2004
    Career mode isn't so hot but the two-player mode is a blast. Realistic speed and dirt track driving make this a fun simulation/fantasy game.
  3. Trev
    Sep 3, 2004
    In terms of fun this game is great. sure its not ground breaking but thats ok. it the type of game you can pick up and play for 20 min stints.In terms of fun this game is great. sure its not ground breaking but thats ok. it the type of game you can pick up and play for 20 min stints. I have not played multiplayer yet but if its this good in single player i must get some friends round. Full Review »