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Mixed or average reviews - based on 34 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 34
  2. Negative: 13 out of 34
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  1. 83
    There's about ten hours of play, much of which is an explanation of the plot, while the rest is a pedestrian and pretty boring romp in terms of game play mechanics, meaning that in the end you'll probably just want to complete the game for completing its sake.
  2. AceGamez
    It could have been a bit longer, maybe lasting more than fourteen days to represent The Fourteen Stations of the Cross, and the combat system could have been better, like the outstanding fight between Jesus and temptation for forty days and forty nights in the desert - but this game could be the closest thing to witnessing the turning a good film into a good game miracle, much like Jesus turned water into wine.
  3. You'll spend plenty of time cracking anagrams and other codes, and they aren't child's play, either. There's some combat, too, which, while feeling a little out of place, does provide for variation in the game.
  4. Overall, my biggest complaint is that the game seemed to drag on. It can be tough to pace a game that relies so heavily on puzzle-solving, but this game seemed really dull at points.
  5. If you're a newcomer to the phenomenon of all this Jesus-themed, impossible code-breaking malarkey you'll find parts of The Da Vinci Code pretty bloody annoying. However, you'll find more to like as you explore, especially if you enjoyed Broken Sword.
  6. The Da Vinci Code isn't the worst game based on a movie, but its dependence on puzzles and unbalanced action make it hard to recommend to anyone but the the most devout fan of the source material or those who simply can't get enough of puzzle-based adventure games.
  7. Because I like puzzles, I enjoyed much of Da Vinci despite its flaws. But there are many of them, and the game's sloppy implementation can be seen in a number of questionable design decisions.
  8. There's plenty for diehard fans of The Da Vinci Code to enjoy within the game, then again, there's a ton of stuff that will have the common gamer bored to tears.
  9. The puzzles are the meat of the gameplay, but it feels the need to make you kill time between puzzles by sneaking past idiots or beating the snot out of invalids.
  10. For hardcore puzzle solvers, or fans of either the book or movie, I would recommend this game, but I think the average gamer won't give the title the time to really crack the code.
  11. Offers a challenging and varied gameplay experience that will satisfy the amateur cryptographer in everyone. However, the game is brought down by subpar production values and a dialogue-heavy story that has a tendency to drag at times.
  12. Just when I thought the movie-license curse was starting to lift, The Da Vinci Code reminds us that it takes great gameplay to make a great game – not a lot of media hype and overrated source material.
  13. It looks nice, plays well if you can avoid combat, and has enough puzzles to keep you intrigued for a while.
  14. Game Informer
    It feels like National Geographic and Ultimate Fighting mushed together in a bad, bad way. [July 2006, p.106]
  15. The combat is kind of strange. It doesn't seem congruent given the subject matter. It's like adding a new book to the Bible called, Popeye.
  16. The video-game translation offers just a scrap of the mystery and intrigue brought on by the book and film, and will most likely frustrate you more often than it rewards you.
  17. Better stick to the book as this game proves to be too simplistic and dull to be of any fun.
  18. 50
    So then, another Hollywood movie, and another so-so game based on it. The Da Vinci Code has the right heritage but unfortunately suffers from the same disease as many of its ilk - it has been rushed to meet a release date without receiving the kind of polish that could have made a great game out of the subject matter.
  19. 50
    You can smell games like this coming from a mile away.
  20. The whole thing takes about 10 hours to play, and with little to no replay value, this doesn't exactly represent fantastic value for money. Overall, the Da Vinci Code game is like a disappointing pleasure cruise, with one or two sunny islands floating in a big, grey sea of tedium.
  21. 50
    Perhaps one of the most boring games to ever grace a home console...The horrendous combat and boring mission objectives really don't take the game in any fun directions. Apparently the code is all about putting you to sleep.
  22. 48
    It doesn't offer enough puzzle variety for serious adventure fans, and the combat will irritate or bore most action aficionados.
  23. But the other aspects – animation, dialogue, acting, environments, and fighting – are too poorly produced and out of place to ignore.
  24. As it tries to please a broad audience, The Da Vinci Code offers too many failed ideas instead of sticking with the areas it gets right.
  25. The actors (not from the film cast) sound utterly bored throughout their lengthy speeches; the only thing that trumps the highly questionable French accents is a guy who actually says "woof woof" on behalf of a virtual dog.
  26. Edge Magazine
    The overall impression is of a game that's both bravely and badly designed, and weighted towards the latter. [July 2006, p.84]
  27. 40
    And while the game generally looks and sounds just fine, you'll come away thinking about the interminably dull dialogue passages and unconvincing characters.
  28. 40
    A middling action/adventure, The DaVinci Code has some interesting elements and puzzles, but tries too hard to be a jack of all trades. The presentation is mediocre, the combat extraneous and out of place, and the levels uninspired. The puzzles and teamwork elements are the high point, but overall, this is yet another forgettable attempt to cash in on a popular franchise.
  29. 40
    The game's poor presentation and frustrating combat system make the mystery behind The Da Vinci Code one that most gamers would be better off leaving unsolved.
  30. Official Xbox Magazine
    Leonardo's inventions were elegant creations, but the clumsy Da Vinci Code game isn't one of them. [Aug 2006, p.82]
  31. 30
    It earns disdain on its own merits. The videogame of the movie of the book -- it's not a surprise that this ended badly, it's just disappointing.
  32. Quite possibly one of the worst videogame movie adaptations out there.
  33. Except for a few clever puzzles, a strong story, and a handful of pretty pictures, this licensed mess is mostly a failure.
  34. My recommendation is that you don't purchase this game unless you are bald, for you are sure to pull out all of your hair in frustration.

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  1. Spartan234
    Aug 1, 2006
    Yet another awful movie-licensed game -- it's not like The Da Vinci Code would make a good game, anyways; the subject matter is best Yet another awful movie-licensed game -- it's not like The Da Vinci Code would make a good game, anyways; the subject matter is best suited for cinema. In addition to the bad gameplay, The Da Vinci Code is also a buggy mess and has some of the worst combat ever seen in an action/adventure game. The AI for the security guards is so bad that you can just play this like a run-'n-gun shooter and forget the stealth elements. Full Review »
  2. xamox
    Jul 6, 2006
    quite boring and the puzzles aren't very intutive.
  3. BrianK.
    May 19, 2006
    Like watching a badly animated movie of the plot of the book, minus the characterization or action. Occasionally you get to move around a few Like watching a badly animated movie of the plot of the book, minus the characterization or action. Occasionally you get to move around a few steps. Seriously, I'd imagine a colonoscopy to be more fun. Full Review »