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  1. Positive: 52 out of 55
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  1. 80
    As fanservice, The Warriors is a treat for anyone who loves the movie, and as a beat-em-up, it outclasses recent efforts from competitors. Yet as a complete package, it's somewhat inconsistent.
  2. The Warriors is near perfection. It offers a compelling single player action adventure game that can become a two-player affair at the push of a button.
  3. I had a great 15 hours playing this game, and to get the coveted 100% finish I look forward to the next five or so.
  4. You're not going to find a better beat 'em up, action game leading up to Christmas than The Warriors. The language is a little salty, but it has so much going for it – especially the fact it doesn't descend into repetitiveness and has an interesting story to tell – that it would be shame if you missed it.
  5. CPU controlled teammates are more than capable of handling themselves.
  6. The enemy is full of piss and vinegar and ready to smash you and your mates into the concrete given half a chance. They will swarm, flank and surround you if you're not careful.
  7. A B-movie-based street fighting game with a lot of variation, mini missions and little problems.
  8. It's really faithful to the film too, but you don't have to be a fan to appreciate it - this is basically Rockstar's take on "Streets of Rage," a jolly ghetto romp where the streets are paved with smashed-in faces. And it really works too! [Official UK Xbox Magazine]
  9. Rockstar takes the classic 80's movie and turns it into the most bone-crunching brawler on then console. Controversial at times, but a solid choice for fans.
  10. Not only is this game true to the classic cult film from 1979, it conjures the same sinister themes and underlying social tension in a way that's pretty darned smart for something called a game.
  11. It's when the game is at its most GTA-like that it comes alive, conjuring up scenarios that take in whole city boroughs and throwing at you groups of adversaries and challenges you have to juggle on the fly… and then you get to a tediously engineered boss encounter and it all begins to get tiresome again. [Christmas 2005, p.109]
  12. One of the best licensed games of this generation and one of the best brawlers since the days of Billy and Jimmy Lee.
  13. The missions are plentiful, and thankfully they never become repetitive.
  14. Visually, The Warriors does not impress. But as a film tie-in, as a classic brawler, as a game that offers excellent multiplayer modes, quality bonus content and a unique style all of its own, it excels.
  15. The new Toronto team has given us something special that fans of the movie will like along with gamers.
  16. 68
    It is worth a glance, but if you bore easily you may find this doesn't have the 'wow' gameplay factor to hold your interest for long, and would probably be better off looking elsewhere ultimately.
  17. 80
    In their attempt to dress up a solid brawler, Rockstar actually hurt the experience a bit by adding endless, tedious minigames that pretty much overpower the game in the early levels.
  18. The Warriors could have easily become just another repetitious street brawling title, but with a strong and original storyline that merges with the film plot, great combat action, and authentic 70's style and flavor, this is one game that will keep you knocking heads for months to come.
  19. Although it's certainly not a masterpiece, The Warriors gets by on style, flair, variety, and simple fun. [Nov 2005, p.144]
  20. A mediocre game with an excellent story and audio design, based on a classic suspense film of the late seventies.
  21. A game that equals the movie's cultish charm and, in some ways, surpasses it. If you don't believe us, come out and play.
  22. While the basic premise of The Warriors on the silver screen remains intact in its videogame adaptation, it is confronted with a gritty sense of realism, which gives the original artistic vision of Hill a whole new angle. And that, dear Mr. Ebert, is art indeed.
  23. 90
    As fun as these excursions into petty theft and extortion might be, the essence of The Warriors is combat, and it's the first game in ages to truly nail it.
  24. Absolutely staggering. Its gameplay is precise and wide-spread, its presentation is truthful to the film, and its extras are plentiful. Indeed, I can dig it!
  25. If you're expecting a new GTA from the people who made it, you'll be sorely disappointed but The Warriors nonetheless provides an entertaining and very playable tale bearing the usual high production values and intense violence we've always lovingly associated with Rockstar. [Xbox World 360]
  26. For every awful moment in The Warriors, there are two great ones. The mix of story, nostalgia and out-and-out combat is a heady concoction and when it all clicks, it's thoroughly enjoyable. [Dec 2005, p.120]
  27. It doesn't really matter if you're familiar with the film it's based on; The Warriors delivers as a completely stand-alone work, and any fan of beat-'em-up games is certain to enjoy it on some level. But if you have seen the film, all the better.
  28. 90
    While it would have been very easy for the developers at Rockstar Toronto to simply recreate the events seen in the movie, they've managed to craft a tale that actually enhances the film.
  29. The fighting system is remarkable with a number of combo potentials and variety of moves that keep the combat from getting old.
  30. A true fighting game that is destined to become an instant classic. Much like the film it's packed with a great story, moody atmosphere and lots of action.

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