• Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Release Date: Aug 2, 2005

Generally favorable reviews - based on 40 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 38 out of 40
  2. Negative: 0 out of 40
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  1. 85
    Although it is a game for tactical, patient players, there are still enough big booms and explosions to keep things exciting.
  2. It's the best realistic shooter on Xbox Live and it's only real rival might be the forthcoming "Operation Flashpoint Elite," which may steal some of it's thunder.
  3. Summit Strike, a glorified expansion pack that is bursting at the seams with action packed content within a $29.99 retail package is exactly what the gaming gods have ordered...A fantastic piece of software.
  4. Summit Strike does exactly what it sets out to do; provide a decent extension to the Ghost Recon experience and breathe new life into the franchise. And at 20 quid, it's a bargain package to tide you over until the release of Advanced Warfighter. [Official UK XBox Magazine]
  5. Multiple single player difficulty modes and tons of multiplayer options ensure you'll get your $30 worth.
  6. This 'expansion' manages to improve on the already excellent Ghost Recon 2, with extra mission and updated visuals, all at a new low price. Absolute bargain!
  7. All of the battlefields are enormous and loaded with cover.
  8. It is still a patient game that will punish those overeager to engage the enemy. If you know you don't like that sort of play, there is nothing here to change your mind. However for those that like it, this is a powerful and compellingly priced offering.
  9. Considering Summit Strike is only pitched as a budget-priced expansion pack to last year's 'full-blown' version, Ubisoft has done an exceptional job of providing nigh-on top draw entertainment with literally no compromises.
  10. 80
    Although Summit Strike still boils down to more of the same, the Ghost Recon 2 series has proven itself to provide some of best squad-based, realistic action out there.
  11. The new larger levels with non-linear gameplay put a lot of the decisions in the control of you, the squad leader, and the tweaked AI and intuitive command system makes the single player game almost as much fun as multiplayer.
  12. Game Informer
    It's a shame that Red Storm didn't turn some of its formidable development talents toward fixing the defective enemy AI. With that problem attended to, this could have been a truly outstanding game. [Oct 2005, p.142]
  13. When Rahil and his army have been thwarted and the campaign comes to a close, one thing is for certain, Summit Strike is good value for your money.
  14. While the Rainbow Six series has disappointly compromised the realistic approach that was once its calling card, the Ghost Recon series remains planted firmly in its one-hit-kill, tactical-action roots and, with Summit Strike, reaffirms its place at the top of the tactical shooter hill.
  15. Whether you play Summit Strike for the single player campaign, the multiplayer action, or both, you'll thoroughly enjoy the game.
  16. Fans will love it, newcomers will be entertained, but those yearning for something mind-blowing or wholly original will be disappointed. [Xbox World]
  17. All in all, with a price of $29.99, Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike has a few flaws and annoyances that can be over looked for the punch it packs.
  18. Summit Strike has the same level of quality as any full-priced third-person shooter and is every bit as enjoyable as its predecessor, with a varied campaign, wide-open levels, and a wealth of multiplayer options and modes.
  19. 90
    If you've never experienced Ghost Recon before, this is a perfect place to jump into the action. Summit Strike is better than most games that are twice its price, and it should appease most gamers until "Ghost Recon 3" hits the Xbox 360 later this year.
  20. Authentically real, solidly believable, full of content and supported by a dedicated online community; when handled with care, Ghost Recon 2 hits its target with precision.
  21. Comes close to outshining the main game in certain aspects and should be considered a 'Must Buy' for loyal followers of the franchise.
  22. It's great to see expansions working on consoles where you don't have to own the original to play, and you still get a full helping of gameplay for only $29.99.
  23. Purists of the series may feel it has gone in too much of a "console" direction with its pacing and style, but the consistency and quality of this game can't be denied.
  24. This game is not very easy, but with the ability to choose where you're going and how you're going to finish the mission you may be able to find an easier way out of a situation than you were able to in the previous game.
  25. 85
    The gameplay is deliberate, methodical, and realistic. Red Storm's attention to militaristic detail -- from your character's heavy breathing and the clank and clatter of gear while you run, to the simple animations of switching from a rifle to a bazooka -- is convincing.
  26. 84
    It's a title that should appeal to any Xbox Live gamer.
  27. More than the type of senseless video game violence that keeps Hillary Clinton up at night. A sequel to Ghost Recon 2, this stealth challenge offers a harrowing third-person shooter in which you're always outnumbered, and sometimes outgunned, and thus have to rely heavily on cover instead of ammo.
  28. Smooth graphics, smooth control, great sound and plenty of modes means that Summit Strike is well worth the price of entry for all you serious and perhaps non serious military gamers.
  29. My honest feeling is that UbiSoft should have made this game downloadable content for current players, or an update pack.
  30. Official Xbox Magazine
    Multiplayer maps feel thoroughly playtested, with more game types than you can shake a stick of C4 at. [Nov 2005, p.122]
  31. 80
    A thoroughly enjoyable military sim from start to finish: tense, engaging and strategic in equal measure.
  32. Pelaaja (Finland)
    Summit Strike does not boast many new features, but most of them address the feedback given by the series veterans. It's more polished and well rounded than the original, and because it's released at a reduced price, it's a good way to keep you entertained while waiting for the real sequel. [August 2005, p.77]
  33. Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike doesn't just add some new modes, maps, and eye candy; it actually improves its gameplay formula, making it an all around better game than Ghost Recon 2.
  34. Whether you are looking for some great single player combat, cooperative gameplay or a ton of detailed multiplayer modes, Ghost Recon 2 Summit Strike has something to offer everyone and it will only set you back thirty bucks to join in on the action.
  35. While the single-player may be short work for the fans and hard going for the casuals, the multiplayer action is a massive incentive to pick up this excellent bargain buy.
  36. Does exactly what it's supposed to do - kill time and appease the masses before its full follow up comes a few months from now.
  37. For only $29.99, you won't find a better or more complete online experience for Xbox.
  38. A game that doesn't require you to own the original, it comes complete with tons of great new additions, challenges, and visual upgrades.
  39. The graphics and sound are some of the best on Xbox.
  40. 80
    The AI issues are problematic but don't detract a tremendous amount from the overall experience -- and neither is a problem in multiplayer. There's much to like about Summit Strike, with the best thing being the price.

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#34 Most Discussed Xbox Game of 2005
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  1. subzero
    Oct 26, 2005
    A great game, although it becomes way too difficult in the later levels and in the co-op missions.
  2. BrandonC.
    Aug 16, 2005
    Honestly, I like this campaign better than the one in the original release. I'm really glad I picked it up. I can't wait to try the Honestly, I like this campaign better than the one in the original release. I'm really glad I picked it up. I can't wait to try the multiplayer this weekend. Full Review »
  3. GregB.
    Aug 16, 2005
    Was this needed: no. Is this appreciated: absolutely. It's good to know that the XBox users aren't being forgotten in the race to the 360.