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  • Summary: A series of attempts to kidnap telemetry and rocket scientists pulls Team Rainbow into a spider web of international intrigue. Team Rainbow must stop terrorists from developing weapons of mass destruction and prevent them from starting a devastating war. Guide Team Rainbow through a new campaign set in Mediterranean and Eastern European level environments, while gathering new weapons and other equipment. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow also features new multiplayer game modes for both online and offline play. Collapse
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  1. 100
    The new multiplayer modes are extremely good fun and highly addictive, the maps are much bigger and Xbox Live 3.0 is in full force with clan matches, voice and text messaging and even team lobbies with level maps to plan attacks.
  2. To sum it up, anybody who considers themselves a gamer should own a copy of Black Arrow; it's simply that good.
  3. Add these two multiplayer modes to the ones from Rainbow Six 3 and you have a lot of multiplayer loving, at least until Halo 2 comes out.
  4. Black Arrow is also the first game to fully implement the Xbox Live 3.0 features, including the ability to recruit squads, schedule tournaments and leave profanity-laced voice messages for Flat Eric. Cool beans.
  5. A glorified mission pack... [but i]ts flawed but compelling single-player and addictive, feature-packed multiplayer component (both online and now offline co-op) guide this Arrow directly to its mark. [Aug 2004, p.78]
  6. 80
    An expansion pack done right. It doesn't pretend to be a full sequel, and instead just offers new maps, modes, and tweaks that make the overall experience better.
  7. Like the last game, your team really isn't all that widely effective and functional, inevitably creating a feeling of going through the motions on autopilot; but more complex AI routines and better scripted scenarios do definitely help. [Aug 2004, p.57]

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