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  • Summary: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, the sequel to the stealth-action game Splinter Cell, once again casts you in the role of Sam Fisher, who is sent in to destroy top-secret documentation held in the embassy of militia leader Suhadi Sadono. Use all-new moves and prototype gear to infiltrate buildings and spare the hostages. This time, you can take your games of espionage against three other players in online multiplayer mode, in which you choose to play as either a mercenary or spy. You've got the moves and the gear, now put them to use. Expand
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  1. No multiplayer title has ever bound and balanced two wholly different games this way.
  2. Pandora Tomorrow is a miniature masterpiece. This goodlooking, great-sounding and convincingly voiced espionage thriller delivers two satisfying game outings.
  3. Every single aspect of the original game has been improved upon: the story, the interface, the gameplay, visuals, so on and so on. When you tie in the multiplayer game modes (which are like nothing you've played before), Pandora Tomorrow is an early candidate for game of the year.
  4. It is the first time that any game allows players to play from a third-person perspective against others playing in the first person view. With eight maps to play on, all very different from each other and three types of game-play, this game will last you for a very long time.
  5. But then there's the fascinatingly complex multiplayer mode, which truly is one of a kind and potentially gives Pandora Tomorrow much more lasting value than its predecessor.
  6. In single player this is more an expansion than a whole new game, although fans will be happy. Online is what really steals the show. [GamesMaster]
  7. The multiplayer is well designed, but contains flaws that will cause a lot of gamers to turn away in disgust.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 30 out of 33
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  1. AlecB.
    Sep 25, 2006
    I own every Splintercell game that is out and this one is my favorite one. All of the Splintercell games are mind addicting and I cant wait to get Double Agent for the PS3. Expand
  2. BigDaddy
    Apr 7, 2004
    My friend rented this and we got ready to play it and realized we needed a system link so we buy a link and bring my xbox over to find out you need two copys of the game. After the like hour and half it took to get all this ready I said "This better be a bad assed game or im gonna break something" 5 min later I wanted to go buy it right away. The single player is great as the first was not much of a difference in gameplay but thats a good thing. The multplayer is fun as hell. Im buying Xbox Live just so I can play this whenever I want to! One of the few games id try to talk someone into buying. 11 out of 10 - 110 out of 100. With this , Ninja Gaiden, and the price drop Xboxs are gonna be sold like crazy. Expand
  3. Forsaken77
    Mar 17, 2004
    Best stealth game, period!
  4. JuanR.
    May 30, 2004
    This game rocks!
  5. RoyJ.
    Jun 21, 2004
    A truly magnificent game! Though not as challenging as Splinter Cell 1 it still is a beautiful game with incredible graphics. A real recommendation!!! Expand
  6. RedE.
    Jun 25, 2004
    Hella good game, but the multiplayer needs some patches and work.
  7. RichP.
    Mar 27, 2004
    Despite the gorgeous graphics, realism, gadgets, sc:pt is terminally dull. The game is so linear it's almost comical. People complain about the lack of action, or the patience required to play this or it's predecessor, but their is nothing wrong with these qualities in a game. But if a game doesn't have constant action, or speed, it requires something - in this case ,and all good stealth games, a game should make the gamer feel clever. Make the player outwit the enemy. But because sc:pt doesn't offer any different routes, or ways in which to approach it, you just feel like you're being led by the hand, on rails. It's made even more frustrationg because of all the cool moves sam is capable of, but you never get to exploit them. Sam is sometimes capable of scaling huge walls, other times unable to even make it over a small fence - lazy programming - to ensure you never go where you're not supposed to, and this quashes any sense of fun or freedom. Too often the game simply requires that you stay in the dark until someone turns their back, proceed, next room, repeat. BIG disappointment. Expand

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