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  1. With no opening or closing ceremonies, or otherwise flashy presentation, the game is as boring to look at as it is to play.
  2. 44
    An essential failure in almost every way. At best it's a collection of rather boring events. At worst, putting the Olympic symbol on the box is a mockery of the games' excellent now bi-yearly presentation.
  3. What you're getting in Torino is the ability to play through a small set of Olympic events that feel more like field day events at an elementary school. There's no weight or gravity given to the situation and thus the majesty and the intrigue of the Olympic Games is completely sucked out of this horrendously ill-advised videogame.
  4. It's not as if the Olympics, be it summer or winter, has had anything special to call its own when it comes to video game adaptations over the years, but Torino 2006 is especially egregious in that it pares down the number of included events to a fairly measly number, manages to make every single one of them completely uninteresting, and skimps entirely on the presentation.
  5. 20
    As congenial as it is, there's absolutely nothing to enjoy in Torino 2006. The events are short and dull, the in-game commentary is dreadful and broken, and the atmosphere possesses the exhilaration of a Yanni concert.
  6. A game more excruciating than an evening of ice-dancing preliminaries.
  7. Seriously, I've seen shockwave games that had more excitement than this. For $20, do not buy this under any circumstances.
  8. I expected Torino 2006 to use its licence to present a confident and solid portrayal of the Olympic experience. It does neither – to be quite frank – and feels like an incredibly rushed affair.
  9. Game Informer
    There isn't a single feature, event, or option that ever rises above the very low bar of "half-assed." [Apr 2006, p.118]
  10. Pelit (Finland)
    Sucks and blows at the same time. What a shameful excuse for a video game. I take personal offence to this boring turd. [Mar 2006]
  11. Torino 2006 doesn't come close to bringing gamers a true sense of what the winter games are all about nor will they feel like this is a game that makes even the dullest events seem fun.
  12. The lack of gameplay options, presentation, and the simplistic gameplay are just too much to look past.
  13. It's something you'll play for a little while but you'll soon realize that watching the real thing is far more exciting. It sounds better. It feels faster. And you'll get to see the podium and hear the anthem of the victor's nation.
  14. 20
    It's being sold now for $20. In a week, when they are selling it for $4.99, it will still be overpriced.
  15. 15
    Your average cellphone game is more fun than any of these so-called "events."
  16. The result in single-player mode is a messy, unresponsive mass of button-pushing and frantic joystick-twiddling that evolves from impossible to challenging to repetitive and dull in less than an hour.
  17. It's times like this I'm glad I own my Generation NEX system and my cherished copy of "Track & Field," because I honestly feel there's more Olympic goodness in that classic Konami game than there is in one event of the terrible Torino 2006.
  18. This official "game of the Games", however, makes it about as exciting as lying in an empty bath and pretending it's the luge, or sticking your head in the freezer and singing Advance Australia Fair.
  19. 20
    This is the most low-rent sports game this side of "NRA Varmint Hunter."
  20. So wildly uninspired, so entirely rote in its design that it barely qualifies as decent merchandising even at its discounted $20 price. The GR judges give this one the finger.

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  1. [Anonymous]
    Mar 20, 2006
    Despite all the bad reviews, I think it is a great game that needs a little improvement. The olympic games come every four years and last 16 Despite all the bad reviews, I think it is a great game that needs a little improvement. The olympic games come every four years and last 16 days. As soon as you get hooked into the Olympics, they end. This allows you have some Olympics in the home while waiting to see them again. Full Review »